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  1. seek advice:


Detailed Translations for seek advice from English to French

seek advice:

seek advice verb

  1. seek advice (seek advice from)
    considérer; délibérer
    • considérer verb (considère, considères, considérons, considérez, )
    • délibérer verb (délibère, délibères, délibérons, délibérez, )

Translation Matrix for seek advice:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
considérer seek advice; seek advice from appreciate; be in sympathy with; check; conceive; consider; contemplate; control; deliberate; discuss; esteem; esteem highly; examine; feel; feel empathy for; have a conference; have a high regard for; hold in great esteem; hold session; imagine; inspect; intend; look at; meditate on; meet; muse on; observe; ponder on; praise; reflect; reflect on; regard; respect; scrutinise; scrutinize; sympathise; sympathize; think; think it over; think out; think over; value highly; verify; view; watch
délibérer seek advice; seek advice from consider; consult; deliberate; discuss; have a conference; have a meeting; hold session; meet; reflect; regard; think it over; think out; think over

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