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Detailed Translations for shadowy from English to French


Translation Matrix for shadowy:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
faible spineless chap; spineless fellow; weakling
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- dim; faint; shadowed; shady; umbrageous; vague; wispy; wraithlike
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
crépusculaire dim; faint; shadowy dim; dusky; evening dawn
diffus dim; faint; shadowy bewildered; broad; chaotic; confused; detailed; diffuse; disconcerted; disordered; elaborate; exhaustive; expansive; extensive; flustered; general; in detail; lengthy; long-winded; tedious; wide; widespread
faible dim; faint; shadowy abstemious; bad; dead; deceased; delicate; drained; effete; faint; feeble; fragile; frail; helpless; impotent; inferior; languid; lifeless; limp; listless; no energy; pale; passed away; poor; powerless; sick; slackly; spiritless; tender; unable; vulnerable; wan; washed out; washed-out; weak
ombrageux leafy; shaded; shadowing; shadowy; shady
ombragé leafy; shaded; shadowy; shady
ombreux leafy; shaded; shadowy; shady
plein d'ombre leafy; shaded; shadowy; shady
tamisé dim; faint; shadowy
voilé dim; faint; shadowy blurred; concealed; covered; dim; disguised; dull; faint; filmy; frosted; hazy; in disguise; languid; misty; muzzy; secret; secretly; shrouded; tired; unclear; undefinable; undisclosed; unseen; vague; veiled; weary
à l'ombre leafy; shaded; shadowy; shady

Related Words for "shadowy":

  • shadowier, shadowiest

Synonyms for "shadowy":

Related Definitions for "shadowy":

  1. filled with shade1
    • we sat on rocks in a shadowy cove1
  2. lacking in substance1
    • strange fancies of unreal and shadowy worlds1
    • dim shadowy forms1
  3. lacking clarity or distinctness1
    • shadowy figures in the gloom1

Wiktionary Translations for shadowy:

  1. of or pertaining to shadow

Cross Translation:
shadowy ombragé schattig — im Schatten liegend