Detailed Translations for shift from English to French


to shift verb (shifts, shifted, shifting)

  1. to shift (remove; transfer; move; )
    déplacer; transférer; transposer
    • déplacer verb (déplace, déplaces, déplaçons, déplacez, )
    • transférer verb (transfère, transfères, transférons, transférez, )
    • transposer verb (transpose, transposes, transposons, transposez, )
  2. to shift (move)
    • déplacer verb (déplace, déplaces, déplaçons, déplacez, )
  3. to shift (reverse; swing around; turn; twist)
    tourner; convertir; retourner
    • tourner verb (tourne, tournes, tournons, tournez, )
    • convertir verb (convertis, convertit, convertissons, convertissez, )
    • retourner verb (retourne, retournes, retournons, retournez, )
  4. to shift (turn)
    refluer; changer; chavirer
    • refluer verb (reflue, reflues, refluons, refluez, )
    • changer verb (change, changes, changeons, changez, )
    • chavirer verb (chavire, chavires, chavirons, chavirez, )
  5. to shift
    – In programming, to move the bit values one position to the left or right in a register or memory location. 1
    • déplacer verb (déplace, déplaces, déplaçons, déplacez, )

Conjugations for shift:

  1. shift
  2. shift
  3. shifts
  4. shift
  5. shift
  6. shift
simple past
  1. shifted
  2. shifted
  3. shifted
  4. shifted
  5. shifted
  6. shifted
present perfect
  1. have shifted
  2. have shifted
  3. has shifted
  4. have shifted
  5. have shifted
  6. have shifted
past continuous
  1. was shifting
  2. were shifting
  3. was shifting
  4. were shifting
  5. were shifting
  6. were shifting
  1. shall shift
  2. will shift
  3. will shift
  4. shall shift
  5. will shift
  6. will shift
continuous present
  1. am shifting
  2. are shifting
  3. is shifting
  4. are shifting
  5. are shifting
  6. are shifting
  1. be shifted
  2. be shifted
  3. be shifted
  4. be shifted
  5. be shifted
  6. be shifted
  1. shift!
  2. let's shift!
  3. shifted
  4. shifting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for shift:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- break; chemise; displacement; duty period; fault; faulting; fracture; geological fault; sack; shift key; shifting; shimmy; slip; switch; switching; teddy; transformation; transmutation; work shift
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
changer shift; turn alter; barter; bend; change; change for; change over; convert; create; exchange; interchange; invent; make; mix; modify; reappoint; redevelop; reform; remodel; renew; renovate; reorganise; reorganize; replace; reshape; resume; reverse; rewrite; shunt; stop over; substitute; swap; switch; swop; trade; trade in; transform; transpose; vary
chavirer shift; turn capsize; flip; hit over; knock down; overturn; turn over; upend
convertir reverse; shift; swing around; turn; twist convert; exchange; process; rebuild; reverse; revolve; roll; rotate; swing around; trade in; transpose; turn; twist; use up; whirl
déplacer convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform carry; move; move over; nudge; relocate; transfer; transport
refluer shift; turn drain away; ebb; flow back
retourner reverse; shift; swing around; turn; twist apply; backpedal; backtrack; bring back; come back; divert; drive back; flip; go back; overturn; pay back; reform; refund; remodel; reorganise; reorganize; reshape; return; revolve; ride back; roll; rotate; send back; swing around; throw back; turn; turn around; turn over; twist; whirl
tourner reverse; shift; swing around; turn; twist change tack; churn; confuse; dangle; formulate; go back; make dizzy; open; open up; oscillate; phrase; put into words; return; revolve; rock; roll; rotate; spin; spin round; stir; swing; swing around; swing round; swing to and fro; swirl; tack; turn; turn around; turn away; turn on; twirl; twist; unlock; unscrew; veer; whirl; word
transférer convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform deposit; forward; move; relocate; remit; transfer; transpose
transposer convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform transfer; transpose
- agitate; budge; careen; change; change over; dislodge; lurch; pitch; reposition; stir; switch; tilt; transfer; wobble
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- move; turn; working period

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Synonyms for "shift":

Related Definitions for "shift":

  1. the act of changing one thing or position for another2
  2. the act of moving from one place to another2
  3. a loose-fitting dress hanging straight from the shoulders without a waist2
  4. a woman's sleeveless undergarment2
  5. the key on the typewriter keyboard that shifts from lower-case letters to upper-case letters2
  6. a qualitative change2
  7. an event in which something is displaced without rotation2
  8. a crew of workers who work for a specific period of time2
  9. (geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other2
  10. the time period during which you are at work2
  11. make a shift in or exchange of2
  12. move and exchange for another2
    • shift the date for our class reunion2
  13. lay aside, abandon, or leave for another2
  14. change gears2
    • you have to shift when you go down a steep hill2
  15. move from one setting or context to another2
    • shift the emphasis2
    • shift one's attention2
  16. change in quality2
    • His tone shifted2
  17. change phonetically as part of a systematic historical change2
    • Grimm showed how the consonants shifted2
  18. use a shift key on a keyboard2
    • She could not shift so all her letters are written in lower case2
  19. move abruptly2
  20. change place or direction2
  21. move sideways or in an unsteady way2
  22. move very slightly2
    • He shifted in his seat2
  23. move around2
  24. In programming, to move the bit values one position to the left or right in a register or memory location.1

Wiktionary Translations for shift:

  1. change of workers
  2. act of shifting
  3. button on a keyboard
  1. à trier
  2. déplacer, faire aller d’un lieu à un autre, mettre en mouvement.
  3. mouvoir, déplacer.
  4. métamorphoser, donner à une personne ou à une chose une autre forme que celle qui lui est propre ou qu’elle avait précédemment.
  1. action de se décentrer et résultat de cette action.
  2. action de se détacher ou état de celui qui s’est détaché d’une passion, d’un sentiment, de tout ce qui peut captiver trop l’esprit ou le cœur.
  3. ensemble de personnes, voire d’animaux.
  4. Transport
  5. action de transformer.
  6. groupe de travailleurs attacher à un travail spécial.

Cross Translation:
shift changer schakelen — een verbinding tot stand brengen
shift équipe Schicht — Personen, die zusammen in einer Schicht[4] arbeiten
shift shift; poste Schicht — Abschnitt eines Arbeitstages, in denen die Arbeitsplätze in einer bestimmten Regelmäßigkeit mehrmals pro Tag besetzt werden
shift pousser; transbahuter; guider; piloter bugsieren — (transitiv), (umgangssprachlich): mit Mühe an einen anderen Ort bringen

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