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  1. snatch off:


Detailed Translations for snatch off from English to French

snatch off:

to snatch off verb (snatchs off, snatched off, snatching off)

  1. to snatch off (snatch away; steal; make off with; pilfer)
    voler; piquer; dérober; arracher
    • voler verb (vole, voles, volons, volez, )
    • piquer verb (pique, piques, piquons, piquez, )
    • dérober verb (dérobe, dérobes, dérobons, dérobez, )
    • arracher verb (arrache, arraches, arrachons, arrachez, )

Conjugations for snatch off:

  1. snatch off
  2. snatch off
  3. snatchs off
  4. snatch off
  5. snatch off
  6. snatch off
simple past
  1. snatched off
  2. snatched off
  3. snatched off
  4. snatched off
  5. snatched off
  6. snatched off
present perfect
  1. have snatched off
  2. have snatched off
  3. has snatched off
  4. have snatched off
  5. have snatched off
  6. have snatched off
past continuous
  1. was snatching off
  2. were snatching off
  3. was snatching off
  4. were snatching off
  5. were snatching off
  6. were snatching off
  1. shall snatch off
  2. will snatch off
  3. will snatch off
  4. shall snatch off
  5. will snatch off
  6. will snatch off
continuous present
  1. am snatching off
  2. are snatching off
  3. is snatching off
  4. are snatching off
  5. are snatching off
  6. are snatching off
  1. be snatched off
  2. be snatched off
  3. be snatched off
  4. be snatched off
  5. be snatched off
  6. be snatched off
  1. snatch off!
  2. let's snatch off!
  3. snatched off
  4. snatching off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for snatch off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arracher make off with; pilfer; snatch away; snatch off; steal blow down; break down; break up; demolish; destroy; dig up; drag down; draw apart; extort; get down; lift; pinch off; pluck; provoke; pull; pull down; pull off; pull out; push over; rend; rip; rip off; snatch; snatch away; take down; tear apart; tear down; tear loose; tear off; tear out; tear to pieces; tear to shreds; tear up; tease; tug; turn out; wreck
dérober make off with; pilfer; snatch away; snatch off; steal cadge; collar; deprive; disentangle; disentwine; expropriate; filch; go thieving; make off with; nick; pilfer; pinch; plunder; purloin; remove one's clothes; rob; snatch; snitch; steal; swipe; take; take away; undress; unravel
piquer make off with; pilfer; snatch away; snatch off; steal administer a medecin w a syringe; anger; annoy; arouse; banquet; bite; cadge; cajole; catch; caught; cause irritation; chafe; clasp; clutch; coax; collar; corrode; cuddle; cut; drag; excite; expropriate; feast; filch; give offence; gnaw; go thieving; grasp; grate; grip; irritate; make off with; mooch; nick; obtain by begging; pilfer; pinch; plane; prick; purloin; reach; regale; rise to the bait; rob; root; rout; rummage about; scratch; seize; slave away; slog away; smooth; snap; snatch; snatch away; sneak up on; snitch; snout; spout; spurt; steal; stick; stimulate; sting; stir up; swipe; take; take away; take unaware; tattle; toil and moil; twig; vex; wheedle; yearn
voler make off with; pilfer; snatch away; snatch off; steal blow; cadge; collar; deprive; expropriate; filch; flap; float; flutter; fly; fly a machine; fly about; fly an aeroplane; go thieving; hover; loot; make off with; navigate; nick; pilfer; pillage; pinch; plunder; purloin; raid; rob; snap; snatch; snitch; steal; swipe; take; take away; wave

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