Detailed Translations for sorry from English to French


Translation Matrix for sorry:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pardon absolution; amnesty; apology; compassion; excuse; forgiveness; forgivingness; grace; liberation; manumission; mercy; pardon; release; remission
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- bad; deplorable; distressing; good-for-naught; good-for-nothing; lamentable; meritless; no-account; no-count; no-good; pitiful; regretful; sad
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
affligé de plaintive; sad; sorrowful; sorry; woeful afflicted with; eccentric; exceptional; extremely; greatly; highly; particular; special; ultra
dolent plaintive; sad; sorrowful; sorry; woeful bad tempered; cantankerous; complaining; crabbed; crusty; grumpy; lamenting; moody; wailing
désolé sorry deserted; desolate; forlorn; isolated; lonely; lonesome; secluded; sequestered; solitary
excusez-moi sorry
mes excuses sorry
pardon sorry
sombre plaintive; sad; sorrowful; sorry; woeful cheerless; dark; deathlike; deathly; dismal; distressed; drab; dreary; dull; eccentric; exceptional; extremely; full of worries; gloomy; greatly; grey; highly; joyless; mat; melancholic; moody; morbid; nostalgic; particular; pensive; pessimistic; sad; somber; sombre; special; triste; ultra; unlit; wistful

Related Words for "sorry":

  • sorriness, sorrier, sorriest

Synonyms for "sorry":

Antonyms for "sorry":

  • unregretful

Related Definitions for "sorry":

  1. bad; unfortunate1
    • a sorry state of affairs1
  2. feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone1
  3. without merit1
    • a sorry horse1
    • a sorry excuse1

Wiktionary Translations for sorry:

  1. regretful for an action or grieved
  1. expression of regret or sorrow
  2. request to repeat
  1. Invitation à répéter
  1. (2) Affligé
  2. désert ; ravagé ; triste.
  3. Qui inspire le mépris
  1. Formule de politesse sollicitant le pardon des auditeurs.

Cross Translation:
sorry pardon; excusez-moi sorry — een informele verontschuldiging of excuses
sorry triste; desolé traurig — erbarmungswürdig, beklagenswert

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