Detailed Translations for souse from English to French


to souse verb (souses, soused, sousing)

  1. to souse (pickle; salt)
    saler; refouler; se dissoudre; être dans la saumure; avaler; conserver; confire; décaper; mariner; foutre le camp; saumurer; mettre en conserve; répandre du sel sur; faire des conserves de; mettre dans la saumure
    • saler verb (sale, sales, salons, salez, )
    • refouler verb (refoule, refoules, refoulons, refoulez, )
    • avaler verb (avale, avales, avalons, avalez, )
    • conserver verb (conserve, conserves, conservons, conservez, )
    • confire verb (confis, confit, confisons, confisez, )
    • décaper verb (décape, décapes, décapons, décapez, )
    • mariner verb (marine, marines, marinons, marinez, )
    • saumurer verb (saumure, saumures, saumurons, saumurez, )

Conjugations for souse:

  1. souse
  2. souse
  3. souses
  4. souse
  5. souse
  6. souse
simple past
  1. soused
  2. soused
  3. soused
  4. soused
  5. soused
  6. soused
present perfect
  1. have soused
  2. have soused
  3. has soused
  4. have soused
  5. have soused
  6. have soused
past continuous
  1. was sousing
  2. were sousing
  3. was sousing
  4. were sousing
  5. were sousing
  6. were sousing
  1. shall souse
  2. will souse
  3. will souse
  4. shall souse
  5. will souse
  6. will souse
continuous present
  1. am sousing
  2. are sousing
  3. is sousing
  4. are sousing
  5. are sousing
  6. are sousing
  1. be soused
  2. be soused
  3. be soused
  4. be soused
  5. be soused
  6. be soused
  1. souse!
  2. let's souse!
  3. soused
  4. sousing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for souse:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- alcoholic; alky; boozer; dipsomaniac; drenching; lush; soaker; soaking; sousing
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avaler pickle; salt; souse absorb; booze; devour; digest; drink; drink excessively; drink heavily; gulp; gulp down; have on; have too much to drink; nibble; nybble; pick up; polish off; put away; put up with; stomach; submit to; swallow; swallow up; take in; take up
confire pickle; salt; souse candy; conserve; make sweet; pickle; preserve; sugar; sweeten
conserver pickle; salt; souse aid someone financially; back someone; balm; can; collect; conserve; cure; detain; embalm; gather together; glean; guard; guard from; hang on; hold; horde; keep; keep up; lay up; lock up; maintain; pick up; pickle; preserve; protect; provide for; put in gaol; put up; retain; save; secure; shield; stand by; stand firm; stock; store; support; tin; uphold
décaper pickle; salt; souse
faire des conserves de pickle; salt; souse
foutre le camp pickle; salt; souse beat it; get lost; go to hell; skedaddle; split
mariner pickle; salt; souse marinade; pickle; season; spice
mettre dans la saumure pickle; salt; souse
mettre en conserve pickle; salt; souse bottle; can; conserve; pickle; preserve; tin
refouler pickle; salt; souse accumulate; bottle up; control; crush; drain away; force back; hide away; hide feelings; keep back; keep in control; keep under control; lock up; moderate; pen up; pulverise; pulverize; push away; put away; recant; restrain; retract; revoke; rub fine; shove away; stash away; stuff away; subdue; suppress; suppress feelings; take back; tuck away; withhold
répandre du sel sur pickle; salt; souse
saler pickle; salt; souse marinade; pickle; salt; season; spice
saumurer pickle; salt; souse pickle; salt
se dissoudre pickle; salt; souse dissolve
être dans la saumure pickle; salt; souse
- dip; douse; dowse; drench; dunk; hit it up; inebriate; plunge; soak; sop

Related Words for "souse":

  • sousing

Synonyms for "souse":

Related Definitions for "souse":

  1. the act of making something completely wet1
  2. pork trimmings chopped and pickled and jelled1
  3. a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually1
  4. cover with liquid; pour liquid onto1
    • souse water on his hot face1
  5. cook in a marinade1
    • souse herring1
  6. become drunk or drink excessively1
  7. immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate1