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Detailed Translations for spicy from English to French


Translation Matrix for spicy:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fort castle; château; citadel; fort; fortification; fortified building; fortress; knight's castle; stronghold
piquant acrimony; boost; drive; impetus; impulse; incentive; malice; maliciousness; momentum; sarcasm; scorn; scornful tone; spiteful remark; spitefulness; spur; stimulus
relevé statement
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- blue; gamey; gamy; hot; juicy; naughty; piquant; racy; risque; savory; savoury; zesty
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aromatique spiced; spicy aromatic
assaisonné spiced; spicy
corsé spiced; spicy stiff; stiff conversation
fort spiced; spicy aloud; at the top of one's voice; blatant; boisterous; burly; clamorous; considerable; considerably; eccentric; energetic; enormous; exceptional; extraordinary; extremely; fatty; fierce; firm; forceful; formidable; full of energy; generously; greasy; greatly; heavy; hefty; highly; immense; injurious; insulting; intense; lively; loud; loudly; lustily; massive; mighty; muscular; noisy; obese; offending; offensive; openly; out loud; particular; powerful; powerfully built; robust; severe; showy; sizable; solid; special; spirited; stable; standing-on; staunch; stiff; stout; strong; sturdy; substantial; tough; tremendous; ultra; vehement; vigorous; violent; well built; wondrous
pimenté peppered; peppery; seasoned; spiced; spicy exciting; sexy
piquant peppered; peppery; piquant; seasoned; spiced; spicy appetising; appetizing; cutting; exciting; nipping; piquant; prickly; razor-sharp; sarcastic; sexy; sharp; snappy; stinging; thorny
poivré peppered; peppery; seasoned; spiced; spicy piquant
relevé spiced; spicy piquant
salé salty; spiced; spicy; tasty; well-seasoned corned; piquant; salt; salty
âcre piquant; spiced; spicy derisive; embittered; exasperated; fierce; scornful; sneering; suppressed
âpre piquant; spiced; spicy bare; barren; biting; bitter; cutting; derisive; dour; embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; injurious; insulting; offending; offensive; scornful; sneering; sourly; sullen; suppressed
épicé peppered; peppery; piquant; seasoned; spiced; spicy piquant

Related Words for "spicy":

  • spiciness, spicier, spiciest

Synonyms for "spicy":

Related Definitions for "spicy":

  1. suggestive of sexual impropriety1
    • spicy gossip1
  2. producing a burning sensation on the taste nerves1
  3. having an agreeably pungent taste1

Wiktionary Translations for spicy:

  1. containing spice
  2. tangy or pungent
Cross Translation:
spicy épicé pikantSpeisen: gut oder kräftig gewürzt, scharf