Detailed Translations for splash from English to French


to splash verb (splashs, splashed, splashing)

  1. to splash (spatter; sputter; crackle)
    éclabousser; gicler; jaillir
    • éclabousser verb (éclabousse, éclabousses, éclaboussons, éclaboussez, )
    • gicler verb (gicle, gicles, giclons, giclez, )
    • jaillir verb (jaillis, jaillit, jaillissons, jaillissez, )
  2. to splash
    éclater; gronder; retentir
    • éclater verb (éclate, éclates, éclatons, éclatez, )
    • gronder verb (gronde, grondes, grondons, grondez, )
    • retentir verb (retentis, retentit, retentissons, retentissez, )
  3. to splash
    éclabousser; gicler
    • éclabousser verb (éclabousse, éclabousses, éclaboussons, éclaboussez, )
    • gicler verb (gicle, gicles, giclons, giclez, )
  4. to splash (plunge)
    plonger; jeter à l'eau; tomber en faisant un bruit sourd; faire un plongeon
  5. to splash (slosh)
    • clapoter verb (clapote, clapotes, clapotons, clapotez, )

Conjugations for splash:

  1. splash
  2. splash
  3. splashs
  4. splash
  5. splash
  6. splash
simple past
  1. splashed
  2. splashed
  3. splashed
  4. splashed
  5. splashed
  6. splashed
present perfect
  1. have splashed
  2. have splashed
  3. has splashed
  4. have splashed
  5. have splashed
  6. have splashed
past continuous
  1. was splashing
  2. were splashing
  3. was splashing
  4. were splashing
  5. were splashing
  6. were splashing
  1. shall splash
  2. will splash
  3. will splash
  4. shall splash
  5. will splash
  6. will splash
continuous present
  1. am splashing
  2. are splashing
  3. is splashing
  4. are splashing
  5. are splashing
  6. are splashing
  1. be splashed
  2. be splashed
  3. be splashed
  4. be splashed
  5. be splashed
  6. be splashed
  1. splash!
  2. let's splash!
  3. splashed
  4. splashing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

splash [the ~] noun

  1. the splash (dash; squeeze; shot)
    le soupçon; le coup; le rien; la pousse
  2. the splash
    la tache
  3. the splash
    la giclée
  4. the splash
    le flac; le plouf; le floc; le paquet d'eau

Translation Matrix for splash:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
coup dash; shot; splash; squeeze bang; blast; blow; boom; boot; buffer; bump; bumper; bumping into; chess move; clout; colliding with; coup; coup d'etat; crash; crashing into; dent; draught; drink; jab; kick; kicking; knife stab; knock; move; move at chess; nookie; nudge; overripe spot; punch; push; putsch; quickie; shenanigan; shove; silly trick; slap; smack; stab; sting; stroke of the clock; swig; thrust; thud; thump; wallop; whopper
flac splash
floc splash bump; thud; thump
giclée splash
jaillir welling up
paquet d'eau splash
plouf splash bump; thud; thump
pousse dash; shot; splash; squeeze offshoot; tendril
rien dash; shot; splash; squeeze a piece of cake; bagatelle; bargain price; child's play; futility; giveaway price; hint; semblance; small affair; small matter; small thing; small trace; something unimportant; tending to; touch; trace; trifle
soupçon dash; shot; splash; squeeze distrust; gleam; hunch; mistrust; presentiment; presuming; presumption; supposition; suspicion; the least tiny bit
tache splash blob; blot; clot; dab; dirt-mark; dirty spot; dot; draft; rough draft; rough work; slush; spatter; speck; speckle; spot; stain; stains
- dab; plash; spatter; spattering; splashing; splatter; splattering; stir
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
clapoter slosh; splash blab; chat; chatter; have a conversation; lap; narrate; rattle; relate; ripple; speak; talk; tell
faire un plongeon plunge; splash
gicler crackle; spatter; splash; sputter flow; gush; undulate; wade; wave
gronder splash bang; bawl; be furious; bear a grudge; bear malice; bellow; bellyache; blame; blame someone of; boom; chanter; chide; complain; crack; cry out; discredit; gripe; grouse; growl; grumble; harbour a grudge; let someone have it; pop; rage; rancor; rancour; rant; rant & rage; rave; rebuke; reprimand; reproach; reprove; roar; rumble; scream; shout; shriek; snarl; stew; storm; thunder; yell
jaillir crackle; spatter; splash; sputter blaze; brain wave; bubble; flash; lighten; thunder; well up
jeter à l'eau plunge; splash
plonger plunge; splash dip; dive down; immerse; overturn; push under
retentir splash be audible; blare; clang; clatter; clink; echo; jangle; jingle; parrot; rant; rattling; reflect; repeat; resound; reverberate; say after; sound; strike back; tinkle; tinkle away
tomber en faisant un bruit sourd plunge; splash
éclabousser crackle; spatter; splash; sputter
éclater splash bang; be furious; blow to bits; blow to pieces; blow up; boom; break loose; break to pieces; burst; burst into pieces; burst off; burst open; come loose; crack; crack off; drop dead; explode; flop down; fly off; fly to pieces; go to hell; plop down; plump down; pop; shatter; snap; spatter off; spring open
- plash; slop; slosh; slush; spatter; splatter; splosh; sprinkle; squelch; squish; swash
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- splashing; squelch
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
rien nothing

Related Words for "splash":

Synonyms for "splash":

Related Definitions for "splash":

  1. the act of scattering water about haphazardly1
  2. the act of splashing a (liquid) substance on a surface1
  3. a patch of bright color1
    • her red hat gave her outfit a splash of color1
  4. the sound like water splashing1
  5. a small quantity of something moist or liquid1
    • just a splash of whiskey1
  6. a prominent or sensational but short-lived news event1
    • he made a great splash and then disappeared1
  7. mark or overlay with patches of contrasting color or texture; cause to appear splashed or spattered1
    • The mountain was splashed with snow1
  8. dash a liquid upon or against1
    • The mother splashed the baby's face with water1
  9. cause (a liquid) to spatter about, especially with force1
    • She splashed the water around her1
  10. strike and dash about in a liquid1
    • The boys splashed around in the pool1
  11. soil or stain with a splashed liquid1
  12. walk through mud or mire1
  13. make a splashing sound1
    • water was splashing on the floor1

Wiktionary Translations for splash:

  1. the sound made by an object hitting a liquid
  2. an impact or impression
  1. to hit or agitate liquid
  2. to create an impact or impression
  1. (religion) mouiller d’un liquide avec un rameau ou un goupillon, lors d'un rite liturgique.
  2. bredouiller, marmonner, parler d’une manière confuse, s’embrouiller dans ses explications.
  3. marine|fr éprouver le clapotis.
  4. couvrir quelqu’un ou quelque chose d’une boue qu’on faire jaillir.
  1. -
  1. bruit de ce qui tombe dans un liquide.

Cross Translation:
splash applaudir klatschen — bezeichnet Klangeindrücke, die beim Zusammenschlagen oder Aufprallen entstehen, und bedeutet speziell „mit den Händen klatschen, applaudieren“

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