Detailed Translations for steer for from English to French

steer for:

to steer for verb (steers for, steered for, steering for)

  1. to steer for (make for; head for; sail)
  2. to steer for (head for; make for)

Conjugations for steer for:

  1. steer for
  2. steer for
  3. steers for
  4. steer for
  5. steer for
  6. steer for
simple past
  1. steered for
  2. steered for
  3. steered for
  4. steered for
  5. steered for
  6. steered for
present perfect
  1. have steered for
  2. have steered for
  3. has steered for
  4. have steered for
  5. have steered for
  6. have steered for
past continuous
  1. was steering for
  2. were steering for
  3. was steering for
  4. were steering for
  5. were steering for
  6. were steering for
  1. shall steer for
  2. will steer for
  3. will steer for
  4. shall steer for
  5. will steer for
  6. will steer for
continuous present
  1. am steering for
  2. are steering for
  3. is steering for
  4. are steering for
  5. are steering for
  6. are steering for
  1. be steered for
  2. be steered for
  3. be steered for
  4. be steered for
  5. be steered for
  6. be steered for
  1. steer for!
  2. let's steer for!
  3. steered for
  4. steering for
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for steer for:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aller d'un pas décidé head for; make for; steer for
aller droit à head for; make for; sail; steer for go to; head for; make for
foncer sur head for; make for; sail; steer for bear down on; head for
naviguer sur head for; make for; sail; steer for navigate; sail

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