Detailed Translations for stick to from English to French

stick to:

to stick to verb (sticks to, stuck to, sticking to)

  1. to stick to (keep to it; obey; respect; keep promise)
    • respecter verb (respecte, respectes, respectons, respectez, )
  2. to stick to
    tenir à; rester accroché à; adhérer; s'en tenir à; s'attacher à
    • tenir à verb
    • adhérer verb (adhère, adhères, adhérons, adhérez, )
  3. to stick to (keep to; behave oneself)
  4. to stick to (attach to)
    adhérer; engluer; coller; coller à
    • adhérer verb (adhère, adhères, adhérons, adhérez, )
    • engluer verb (englue, englues, engluons, engluez, )
    • coller verb (colle, colles, collons, collez, )
    • coller à verb
  5. to stick to (behave oneself; keep to)

Conjugations for stick to:

  1. stick to
  2. stick to
  3. sticks to
  4. stick to
  5. stick to
  6. stick to
simple past
  1. stuck to
  2. stuck to
  3. stuck to
  4. stuck to
  5. stuck to
  6. stuck to
present perfect
  1. have stuck to
  2. have stuck to
  3. has stuck to
  4. have stuck to
  5. have stuck to
  6. have stuck to
past continuous
  1. was sticking to
  2. were sticking to
  3. was sticking to
  4. were sticking to
  5. were sticking to
  6. were sticking to
  1. shall stick to
  2. will stick to
  3. will stick to
  4. shall stick to
  5. will stick to
  6. will stick to
continuous present
  1. am sticking to
  2. are sticking to
  3. is sticking to
  4. are sticking to
  5. are sticking to
  6. are sticking to
  1. be stuck to
  2. be stuck to
  3. be stuck to
  4. be stuck to
  5. be stuck to
  6. be stuck to
  1. stick to!
  2. let's stick to!
  3. stuck to
  4. sticking to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for stick to:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
coller glueing together; gluing; sticking; sticking together
engluer glueing together; sticking together
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adhérer attach to; stick to adhere; attach to; become a member; cling; co-operate; connect; couple; fasten; glue; glue together; gum; hitch on to; hook on to; hook together; join; join in; participate; paste; patch; stick; stick together; take part; with glue
coller attach to; stick to adhere; affix; attach; attach to; burn; cake; cling; connect; fasten; glue; glue in; glue together; gum; paste; paste in; paste on; paste together; patch; press; secure; stick; stick in; stick to the pan; stick together; suture; wedge; with glue
coller à attach to; stick to attach to; catch; clamp; clasp; couple; grab; grasp; grip; rivet together; seize; take hold of
engluer attach to; stick to affix; attach; glue; glue together; paste in; paste on; paste together; patch; stick; stick together; suture
respecter keep promise; keep to it; obey; respect; stick to appreciate; bow; consider; curtsy; esteem; esteem highly; follow; have a high regard for; hold in great esteem; look up against; praise; respect; save; spare; value highly
rester accroché à stick to
s'attacher à stick to attach to; couple; glue; glue together; patch; stick; stick together
s'en tenir à stick to
se comporter behave oneself; keep to; stick to behave
se conduire behave oneself; keep to; stick to behave; handle; treat
se tenir behave oneself; keep to; stick to
tenir à stick to
- adhere; bind; bond; follow; hold fast; stick; stick with

Synonyms for "stick to":

Related Definitions for "stick to":

  1. keep to1
    • stick to the diet1
  2. stick to firmly1

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