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Translation Matrix for strict:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dur pushful man; stickler; tough fellow
- orthodox
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- exacting; hard-and-fast; nonindulgent; rigid; rigorous; stern
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
conforme aux règles according to the rules; strict
dur inflexible; severe; stern; strict abominable; abrasive; as hard as a nails; as hard as nails; as hard as rock; awkward; barbaric; brutal; burdensome; callous; critical; cruel; cutting; difficult; gruesome; hard; hard as iron; hard as steel; hard as stone; harsh; heartless; heavy; heinous; inhuman; inhumane; iron-hard; massive; merciless; nipping; pitiless; problematic; punish; relentless; rock-hard; ruthless; severe; sinewy; snappy; stiff; stone-hard; stringy; tough; trying
rigide according to the rules; inflexible; severe; stern; strict against the grain; cantankerous; conscientious; crabbed; crusty; cutting; exact; fixed; fossilised; fossilized; gruff; grumpy; immovable; inflexible; nagging; nipping; obstinate; petrified; precise; precisely; recalcitrant; rigid; set; snappy; star; stern; stiff; straight-backed; stringent; stubborn; sullen; surly; unbending
rigoureusement inflexible; severe; stern; strict cutting; nipping; rigorous; snappy; stringent
rigoureux inflexible; severe; stern; strict accurate; accurately; binding; conscientious; cutting; exact; exactly; meticulous; nipping; precise; punctual; rigorous; snappy; stringent
rude inflexible; severe; stern; strict abominable; agressive; barbaric; bare; barren; brutal; cantankerous; crabbed; cruel; crusty; cutting; feral; gruesome; gruff; grumpy; hard; hard-handed; harsh; heinous; inhuman; inhumane; nagging; nipping; offensive; rigid; rough; snappy; sullen; surly; unbroken; untamed; violent; wild
stricte according to the rules; strict
strictement according to the rules; inflexible; severe; stern; strict cutting; nipping; snappy
sévère inflexible; severe; stern; strict cutting; nipping; punish; rigorous; severe; snappy; stiff; stringent
sévèrement inflexible; severe; stern; strict conscientious; cutting; exact; nipping; precise; snappy

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Antonyms for "strict":

  • indulgent

Related Definitions for "strict":

  1. severe and unremitting in making demands1
    • strict standards1
  2. rigidly accurate; allowing no deviation from a standard1
    • a strict vegetarian1
  3. characterized by strictness, severity, or restraint1
  4. incapable of compromise or flexibility1
  5. (of rules) stringently enforced1

Wiktionary Translations for strict:

  1. governed or governing by exact rules
  2. severe in discipline
  1. Qui est rigoureux pour le corps et qui mortifier les sens et l’esprit. — note Se dit surtout des doctrines et des pratiques religieux.
  2. Qui est entièrement déterminé, qui ne laisser place à aucune incertitude.
  3. Qui faire preuve de rigueur, qui est d’une sévérité inflexible.
  4. Qui est rigoureux, étroit.
  5. Qui est rigide, sans indulgence.

Cross Translation:
strict sévère; strict; austère; rigoureux; rigoureuse gestrengveraltend: die Einhaltung der festgelegten Ordnung oder bestimmter Regeln gebietend