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Detailed Translations for subtly from English to French


subtly adv

  1. subtly (acutely; smartly)

Translation Matrix for subtly:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
délicat acutely; smartly; subtly awkward; burdensome; choice; choosy; contested; controversial; critical; dainty; debatable; delicate; delicious; delightful; difficult; disputable; disputed; dubious; easily hurt; elegant; elite; exquisite; fine; fragile; frail; fussy; graceful; handsome; hard; heavenly; heavy; highly-strung; imputable; lovely; massive; nice; open to question; oversensitive; painful; perilous; personable; petite; picky; precarious; pretty; problematic; problematical; questionable; refined; review; select; sensitive; skinny; slender; slight; slim; snap; sophisticated; stiff; stylish; subtle; superior; susceptible; tender; touchy; tough; uncertain; very pretty; very tasteful; vulnerable; weak; worrisome
subtil acutely; smartly; subtly astute; clever; crafty; delicate; easily hurt; fine; oversensitive; resourceful; sensitive; shrewd; sly; smart; subtle; susceptible; tender; wily

Related Words for "subtly":

  • unsubtly

Related Definitions for "subtly":

  1. in a subtle manner1
    • late nineteenth-century French opera at its most beautiful, subtly romantic with a twilight melancholy1

Wiktionary Translations for subtly:

  1. with subtleness, in a subtle manner