Detailed Translations for thorny from English to French


Translation Matrix for thorny:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
mordant bitingness; bityness; sharpness
piquant acrimony; boost; drive; impetus; impulse; incentive; malice; maliciousness; momentum; sarcasm; scorn; scornful tone; spiteful remark; spitefulness; spur; stimulus
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avec sarcasme prickly; sarcastic; stinging; thorny derisive; scornful; sneering
d'une façon mordante prickly; sarcastic; stinging; thorny
d'épines thorny
incisif prickly; sarcastic; stinging; thorny biting; corroding; corrosive; razor-sharp; sharp
mordant prickly; sarcastic; stinging; thorny biting; bitty; corroding; corrosive; cutting; injurious; insulting; offending; offensive; shrill
piquant prickly; sarcastic; stinging; thorny appetising; appetizing; cutting; exciting; nipping; peppered; peppery; piquant; razor-sharp; seasoned; sexy; sharp; snappy; spiced; spicy; stinging
sarcastiquement prickly; sarcastic; stinging; thorny
épineux prickly; spinous; thorny awkward; critical; hard; inflamed; painful; perilous; precarious; review; worrisome

Related Words for "thorny":

  • thorniness, thornier, thorniest

Synonyms for "thorny":

Related Definitions for "thorny":

  1. bristling with perplexities1
    • the thorny question of states' rights1

Wiktionary Translations for thorny:

  1. having thorns
  2. troublesome
  1. Qui a des épines, des piquants.