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tight adj

  1. tight (narrow; small; cramped)
    – closely constrained or constricted or constricting 1

Translation Matrix for tight:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
juste honest person; just person; righteous person; sincere person
petit baby; bint; child; cub; infant; kid; kiddy; kitten; lass; little child; little girl; little kid; nipper; pup; puppy; small child; small one; tike; tiny tot; toddler; tot; tyke; young
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- close; compressed; mean; mingy; miserly; nasty; rigorous; stringent; taut
AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- close; closely; fast
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- tight-fitting
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aviné drunk; drunken; intoxicated; pissed; tight; tipsy
bourré drunk; drunken; intoxicated; pissed; tight; tipsy as tight as a drum; blind drunk; chock full; chock-a-block; chockfull; completely drunk; crammed; crowded; dead drunk; drunken; filled; filled out; full; full to the brim; loaded; overcrowded; packed; pissed; soaked; stuffed; thoroughly plastered
gris drunk; drunken; intoxicated; pissed; tight; tipsy as tight as a drum; ash grey; ashen; baggy; blind drunk; boozed; cheerless; churlish; clear; colorless; colourless; completely drunk; dead drunk; dirty grey; dowdy; drab; dreary; drunken; dull; gloomy; grey; grey-headed; grubby; half drunk; inebriated; intoxicated; joyless; loaded; malicious; mat; mopish; pale; pissed; rainy; sad; semi drunk; shoddy; slatternly; sloppy; slovenly; soaked; thoroughly plastered; tipsy
ivre drunk; drunken; intoxicated; pissed; tight; tipsy as tight as a drum; blind drunk; completely drunk; dead drunk; drunk; drunken; intoxicated; loaded; pissed; soaked; thoroughly plastered; tipsy; under the influence; under the weather
juste tight accurate; actually; cantankerous; careful; certainly; close; closely; concentrated; convincing; correct; crabbed; crusty; definitely; even; exact; exactly; factually; fair; genuinely; gruff; grumpy; honest; honorable; honourable; incorruptible; indeed; intently; just; lawful; legitimate; nagging; narrowly; one minute ago; only; precise; really; reasonable; right; right-minded; righteous; rigid; sincere; solid; sound; sporting; strenuous; sullen; surely; surly; thorough; true; true-hearted; truethfull; truthfully; undiscussed; upright; valid; with concentration
les uns sur les autres tight
limité cramped; narrow; small; tight bordered; finite; limited; restricted; sealed off; superannuated
petit cramped; narrow; small; tight bashfull; diffident; diminutive; inadequate; inferior; little; low-grade; middling; minuscule; narrow minded; petty; short; shortish; small; tiny; undersized
petitement cramped; narrow; small; tight a small voice; austere; bashfull; bourgeois; confined; cramped; diffident; like a narrow minded man; lower-middle-class; minuscule; modest; narrow minded; narrow-mindedness; narrowly; parochial; petty; petty-bourgeois; provincial; simple; small-town; sober; tiny; unpretentious
pressant cramped; narrow; small; tight awkward; burdensome; difficult; essential; hard; heavy; highly necessary; imperative; massive; necessarily; necessary; oppressing; oppressive; pressing; stiff; stringent; tough; urgent; vital; with haste
raide drunk; drunken; intoxicated; pissed; tight; tipsy abstemious; against the grain; broke; cantankerous; clumsy; crabbed; crusty; doltish; fixed; fossilised; fossilized; gawky; gruff; grumpy; immovable; inflexible; measured; nagging; not very good; obstinate; owlish; petrified; poor; recalcitrant; rigid; set; star; stern; stiff; straight-backed; stubborn; sullen; surly; tough; unbending; uneasy; unhandy; wooden
restreint cramped; narrow; small; tight bordered; close; close by; close to; finite; limited; narrowly; near; nearby; superannuated
serré cramped; narrow; small; tight against the grain; bashfull; cantankerous; clamped down; clasped; crabbed; crusty; diffident; gruff; grumpy; immovable; inflexible; nagging; narrow minded; narrowly; obstinate; oppressed; petty; pressing; recalcitrant; rigid; star; stern; straight-backed; stringent; stubborn; stuck; sullen; surly; unbending; urgent; wedged
soûl drunk; drunken; intoxicated; pissed; tight; tipsy as tight as a drum; completely drunk; dead drunk; drunk; drunken; intoxicated; pissed; soaked; thoroughly plastered; tipsy; under the influence; under the weather
ténu cramped; narrow; small; tight
éméché drunk; drunken; intoxicated; pissed; tight; tipsy boozed; half drunk; inebriated; intoxicated; tipsy
étouffant cramped; narrow; small; tight close; muggy; musty; stale; stifling; stuffy; suffocating; sultry; sweltering
étouffé cramped; narrow; small; tight faint; subdued
étroit cramped; narrow; small; tight narrow-minded; narrowly; petty
étroitement cramped; narrow; small; tight narrowly

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Related Definitions for "tight":

  1. affected by scarcity and expensive to borrow1
    • tight money1
    • a tight market1
  2. packed closely together1
    • they stood in a tight little group1
    • hair in tight curls1
    • the pub was packed tight1
  3. demanding strict attention to rules and procedures1
    • tight security1
  4. exasperatingly difficult to handle or circumvent1
    • a good man to have on your side in a tight situation1
  5. (of a contest or contestants) evenly matched1
    • a tight game1
  6. (used of persons or behavior) characterized by or indicative of lack of generosity1
  7. of such close construction as to be impermeable1
    • a tight roof1
    • warm in our tight little house1
  8. closely constrained or constricted or constricting1
    • tight skirts1
    • he hated tight starched collars1
    • fingers closed in a tight fist1
    • a tight feeling in his chest1
  9. pressed tightly together1
  10. securely or solidly fixed in place; rigid1
    • the bolts are tight1
  11. of textiles1
    • smooth percale with a very tight weave1
  12. pulled or drawn tight1
    • a tight drumhead1
    • a tight rope1
  13. set so close together as to be invulnerable to penetration1
    • in tight formation1
    • a tight blockade1
  14. firmly or closely1
    • held tight1
  15. in an attentive manner1

Wiktionary Translations for tight:

  1. pushed/pulled together
  2. under high tension
  1. firmly
  1. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  2. Trop ajusté.

Cross Translation:
tight dense dicht — eng, nahe beieinanderliegend, undurchdringlich
tight étroite; étroit eng — schmal, nahe anliegend; von relativ geringer Ausdehnung
tight concis; à peine; succinct knappgerade noch ausreichend, wenig; weniger werdend oder geworden
tight tendu stramm — gestreckt, straff, fest

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