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Detailed Translations for unfruitful from English to French


unfruitful adj

  1. unfruitful (barren; poor)

Translation Matrix for unfruitful:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inférieur inferior; submissive
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aride barren; poor; unfruitful arid; bare; barren; dry; faded; infertile; inhospitable; lacking rain; parced; parched; scorched; sterile; wilted; withered
frugal barren; poor; unfruitful austere; barren; frugal; infertile; parched; scanty; sober; sterile
infertile barren; poor; unfruitful barren; dry; infertile; parced; scorched; sterile; withered
inférieur barren; poor; unfruitful base; defective; incapable; incompetent; inexpert; inferior; lacking; low; lowest; minor; poor; secondary; subordinate; undermost; unsound
pauvre barren; poor; unfruitful come off badly; destitute; distressful; flimsy; impecunious; indigent; inferior; lean; lousy; miserable; needy; paltry; parched; pathetic; penniless; pennyless; pitiful; poky; poor; poverty stricken; ragged; shabby; shady; thin; unsightly; without means; woeful; worst; wretched
rêche barren; poor; unfruitful abominable; barbaric; barren; brutal; bumpy; cruel; feral; gruesome; heinous; infertile; inhuman; inhumane; rough; sterile; unbroken; uneven; untamed; wild
stérile barren; poor; unfruitful barren; dry; germfree; infertile; parced; scorched; sterile; withered
subalterne barren; poor; unfruitful dependant; dependent; heterehonomous; inferior; minor; poor; secondary; subaltern; subordinate

Synonyms for "unfruitful":

Antonyms for "unfruitful":

  • fruitful

Related Definitions for "unfruitful":

  1. not fruitful; not conducive to abundant production1

Wiktionary Translations for unfruitful:

  1. Not bearing fruit
  1. (vieilli) Qui ne rapporte pas de fruit, ou qui en rapporte fort peu.