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  1. unhampered:


Detailed Translations for unhampered from English to French


Translation Matrix for unhampered:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
libre unhampered; unhindered; unimpeded; unobstructed accessible; at liberty; at someone's disposal; available; blank; bold; clear; easy; effortless; free; freely; natural; roguish; single; sly; unconstrained; uninhibited; unmarked; unmarried; vacant
- unhindered
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dégagé unhampered; unhindered; unimpeded; unobstructed natural
en toute liberté unhampered; unhindered; unimpeded; unobstructed

Synonyms for "unhampered":

Related Definitions for "unhampered":

  1. not held in check or subject to control1
    • unhampered dissemination of news1
    • this would give black people the opportunity to live unhampered by racism1
  2. not slowed or blocked or interfered with1
    • an outlet for healthy and unhampered action1
    • a priest unhampered by scruple1
    • the new stock market was unhampered by tradition1