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Detailed Translations for whet from English to French


to whet verb (whets, whetted, whetting)

  1. to whet (grind; sharpen; strop)
    affûter; polir; tailler; aiguiser; affiler; limer
    • affûter verb (affûte, affûtes, affûtons, affûtez, )
    • polir verb (polis, polit, polissons, polissez, )
    • tailler verb (taille, tailles, taillons, taillez, )
    • aiguiser verb (aiguise, aiguises, aiguisons, aiguisez, )
    • affiler verb (affile, affiles, affilons, affilez, )
    • limer verb (lime, limes, limons, limez, )

Conjugations for whet:

  1. whet
  2. whet
  3. whets
  4. whet
  5. whet
  6. whet
simple past
  1. whetted
  2. whetted
  3. whetted
  4. whetted
  5. whetted
  6. whetted
present perfect
  1. have whetted
  2. have whetted
  3. has whetted
  4. have whetted
  5. have whetted
  6. have whetted
past continuous
  1. was whetting
  2. were whetting
  3. was whetting
  4. were whetting
  5. were whetting
  6. were whetting
  1. shall whet
  2. will whet
  3. will whet
  4. shall whet
  5. will whet
  6. will whet
continuous present
  1. am whetting
  2. are whetting
  3. is whetting
  4. are whetting
  5. are whetting
  6. are whetting
  1. be whetted
  2. be whetted
  3. be whetted
  4. be whetted
  5. be whetted
  6. be whetted
  1. whet!
  2. let's whet!
  3. whetted
  4. whetting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for whet:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tailler gash
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
affiler grind; sharpen; strop; whet sharpen
affûter grind; sharpen; strop; whet sharpen
aiguiser grind; sharpen; strop; whet activate; arouse; encourage; excite; provoke; put someone on to something; sharpen; stimulate; stir up; tighten; urge
limer grind; sharpen; strop; whet file; grind off
polir grind; sharpen; strop; whet brush up; buff; doll up; egalize; even; grate; grind away; plane; polish; polish off; rub down; rub smooth; smooth; spruce up; trick up
tailler grind; sharpen; strop; whet carve out; clip; confine; cut; cut away; cut back; cut close; cut off; cut out; cut to size; excise; jag; limit; nick; notch; pare; prune; reap; reduce; resect; score; skim; sting; style someone's hair; tailor to; trim
- quicken

Synonyms for "whet":

Related Definitions for "whet":

  1. sharpen by rubbing, as on a whetstone1
  2. make keen or more acute1
    • whet my appetite1

Wiktionary Translations for whet:

  1. aiguiser le tranchant émousser ou ébrécher d’un instrument, lui donner le fil.
  2. arts|fr aiguiser un outil pour le rendre plus perçant ou plus coupant.
  3. rendre aigu.