Detailed Translations for break-in from English to Dutch

break in:

to break in verb (breaks in, broke in, breaking in)

  1. to break in
    overtreden; inbreuk maken
    • overtreden verb (overtreed, overtreedt, overtrad, overtraden, overtreden)
    • inbreuk maken verb (maak inbreuk, maakt inbreuk, maakte inbreuk, maakten inbreuk, inbreuk gemaakt)
  2. to break in
    • binnenbreken verb (breek binnen, breekt binnen, brak binnen, braken binnen, binnengebroken)
  3. to break in (commit burglary; break into a house; rob)
    inbreken; beroven; binnen breken; een inbraak doen
  4. to break in (train)
    trainen; dresseren; africhten; dier africhten
    • trainen verb (train, traint, trainde, trainden, getraind)
    • dresseren verb (dresseer, dresseert, dresseerde, dresseerden, gedresseerd)
    • africhten verb (richt af, richtte af, richtten af, afgericht)
  5. to break in (interrupt; intercede; butt in)
    onderbreken; interrumperen; in de rede vallen
    • onderbreken verb (onderbreek, onderbreekt, onderbrak, onderbraken, onderbroken)
    • interrumperen verb (interrumpeer, interrumpeert, interrumpeerde, interrumpeerden, geïnterrumpeerd)
    • in de rede vallen verb (val in de rede, valt in de rede, viel in de rede, vielen in de rede, in de rede gevallen)

Conjugations for break in:

  1. break in
  2. break in
  3. breaks in
  4. break in
  5. break in
  6. break in
simple past
  1. broke in
  2. broke in
  3. broke in
  4. broke in
  5. broke in
  6. broke in
present perfect
  1. have broke in
  2. have broke in
  3. has broke in
  4. have broke in
  5. have broke in
  6. have broke in
past continuous
  1. was breaking in
  2. were breaking in
  3. was breaking in
  4. were breaking in
  5. were breaking in
  6. were breaking in
  1. shall break in
  2. will break in
  3. will break in
  4. shall break in
  5. will break in
  6. will break in
continuous present
  1. am breaking in
  2. are breaking in
  3. is breaking in
  4. are breaking in
  5. are breaking in
  6. are breaking in
  1. be broke in
  2. be broke in
  3. be broke in
  4. be broke in
  5. be broke in
  6. be broke in
  1. break in!
  2. let's break in!
  3. broke in
  4. breaking in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for break in:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
africhten breaking in; training
dresseren drilling; schooling; teaching; training
onderbreken intermission; interruption
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
africhten break in; train
beroven break in; break into a house; commit burglary; rob bare; exploit; plunder; rob; snatch; strip; take advantage of
binnen breken break in; break into a house; commit burglary; rob
binnenbreken break in
dier africhten break in; train
dresseren break in; train
een inbraak doen break in; break into a house; commit burglary; rob
in de rede vallen break in; butt in; intercede; interrupt
inbreken break in; break into a house; commit burglary; rob
inbreuk maken break in
interrumperen break in; butt in; intercede; interrupt butt in; come between; intercede; interfere; interrupt; intervene; mediate; step in
onderbreken break in; butt in; intercede; interrupt hamper; hinder; impede; obstruct; stonewall; suspend
overtreden break in
trainen break in; train exercise; lead up; practice; practise; train; tutor
- barge in; break; butt in; chime in; chisel in; cut in; put in

Synonyms for "break in":

Related Definitions for "break in":

  1. make submissive, obedient, or useful1
  2. break so as to fall inward1
  3. start in a certain activity, enterprise, or role1
  4. break into a conversation1
  5. intrude on uninvited1
  6. enter someone's (virtual or real) property in an unauthorized manner, usually with the intent to steal or commit a violent act1

Wiktionary Translations for break in:

break in
  1. to make sthg new function well through use
  2. to enter by force or illicitly


break-in [the ~] noun

  1. the break-in (burglary)
    de inbraak; de braak; de kraak
  2. the break-in (squatting; robbery; burglary; theft)

Translation Matrix for break-in:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
braak break-in; burglary
inbraak break-in; burglary
kraak break-in; burglary; robbery; squatting; theft
wederrechtelijke bewoning break-in; burglary; robbery; squatting; theft
- breaking and entering; housebreaking

Synonyms for "break-in":

  • housebreaking; breaking and entering; burglary

Related Definitions for "break-in":

  1. trespassing for an unlawful purpose; illegal entrance into premises with criminal intent1

Wiktionary Translations for break-in:

  1. the act of entering with the intent to steal

Cross Translation:
break-in inbraak; inbreuk effraction — Action de force les mesures de sécurité qui protègent un lieu

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