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Detailed Translations for bring back from English to Dutch

bring back:

to bring back verb (brings back, brought back, bringing back)

  1. to bring back (return)
    • terugbezorgen verb (bezorg terug, bezorgt terug, bezorgde terug, bezorgden terug, terugbezorgd)

Conjugations for bring back:

  1. bring back
  2. bring back
  3. brings back
  4. bring back
  5. bring back
  6. bring back
simple past
  1. brought back
  2. brought back
  3. brought back
  4. brought back
  5. brought back
  6. brought back
present perfect
  1. have brought back
  2. have brought back
  3. has brought back
  4. have brought back
  5. have brought back
  6. have brought back
past continuous
  1. was bringing back
  2. were bringing back
  3. was bringing back
  4. were bringing back
  5. were bringing back
  6. were bringing back
  1. shall bring back
  2. will bring back
  3. will bring back
  4. shall bring back
  5. will bring back
  6. will bring back
continuous present
  1. am bringing back
  2. are bringing back
  3. is bringing back
  4. are bringing back
  5. are bringing back
  6. are bringing back
  1. be brought back
  2. be brought back
  3. be brought back
  4. be brought back
  5. be brought back
  6. be brought back
  1. bring back!
  2. let's bring back!
  3. brought back
  4. bringing back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for bring back:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
terugbezorgen bring back; return
- bring around; bring round; bring to; return; take back

Synonyms for "bring back":

Antonyms for "bring back":

Related Definitions for "bring back":

  1. return to consciousness1
    • These pictures bring back sad memories1
  2. bring back to the point of departure1

Wiktionary Translations for bring back:

bring back
  1. naar het punt van vertrek brengen
  2. naar de eigenaar brengen

Cross Translation:
bring back herstellen; terugbrengen; herplaatsen; terugplaatsen; terugvoeren rameneramener de nouveau.

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