Detailed Translations for comfortable from English to Dutch


Translation Matrix for comfortable:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
draagbaar bearrier; brancard; stretcher
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aangenaam agreeable; comfortable; cosy; cozy; pleasant; pleasing; pleasurable; snug agreeable; benevolent; easy going; enjoyable; good; good-natured; how do you do; kind; lovely; mild; nice; pleasant; pleased to meet you
behaaglijk agreeable; comfortable; cosy; cozy; pleasant; pleasurable; snug easy going; good; lovely; nice; pleasant
comfortabel comfortable
draagbaar comfortable; well fitted; well suited
gemakkelijk comfortable easily; easy; effortless; not difficult; not hard; practical; simple
knus agreeable; comfortable; cosy; cozy; pleasant; pleasurable; snug cosily; cosy; cozily; cozy; snug; snugly
plezierig agreeable; comfortable; cosy; cozy; pleasant; pleasing benevolent; easy going; good; good-natured; kind; lovely; mild; nice; pleasant
senang comfortable
- comfy; easy; prosperous; well-fixed; well-heeled; well-off; well-situated; well-to-do
AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gemakkelijk easily
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- cosy; cozy; pleasant; snug
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
geriefelijk comfortable
gerieflijk comfortable
goedzittend comfortable; well fitted; well suited
te dragen comfortable

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Related Definitions for "comfortable":

  1. providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief (`comfy' is informal)1
    • comfortable clothes1
    • comfortable suburban houses1
    • made himself comfortable in an armchair1
    • the antihistamine made her feel more comfortable1
    • are you comfortable?1
  2. free from stress or conducive to mental ease; having or affording peace of mind1
    • was settled in a comfortable job, one for which he was well prepared1
    • the comfortable thought that nothing could go wrong1
    • was comfortable in his religious beliefs1
    • she's a comfortable person to be with1
    • she felt comfortable with her fiance's parents1
  3. in fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich1
    • they were comfortable or even wealthy by some standards1
  4. sufficient to provide comfort1
    • a comfortable salary1
  5. more than adequate1
    • the home team had a comfortable lead1

Wiktionary Translations for comfortable:

  1. -
  2. in a state of comfort
  3. providing physical comfort and ease

Cross Translation:
comfortable doelmatig; gemakkelijk; geschikt; gepast; passend commode — Pratique
comfortable bruikbaar; geschikt; doelmatig; gemakkelijk; gepast; passend; betamelijk; toepasselijk; behoorlijk; fatsoenlijk; keurig; voegzaam; welvoeglijk convenable — Qui est approprier, qui convient à quelqu’un ou à quelque chose.
comfortable doelmatig; gemakkelijk; geschikt; gepast; passend opportun — Qui est à propos, selon le temps et le lieu.


to comfort verb (comforts, comforted, comforting)

  1. to comfort
    ondersteunen; troosten; bemoedigen; vertroosten; opbeuren
    • ondersteunen verb (ondersteun, ondersteunt, ondersteunde, ondersteunden, ondersteund)
    • troosten verb (troost, troostte, troostten, getroost)
    • bemoedigen verb (bemoedig, bemoedigt, bemoedigde, bemoedigden, bemoedigd)
    • vertroosten verb (vertroost, vertroostte, vertroostten, vertroost)
    • opbeuren verb (beur op, beurt op, beurde op, beurden op, opgebeurd)
  2. to comfort (cheer up; gladden)
    blij maken; opfleuren; vrolijker worden; verkwikken; opmonteren
    • blij maken verb (maak blij, maakt blij, maakte blij, maakten blij, blij gemaakt)
    • opfleuren verb (fleur op, fleurt op, fleurde op, fleurden op, opgefleurd)
    • verkwikken verb (verkwik, verkwikt, verkwikte, verkwikten, verkwikt)
    • opmonteren verb (monter op, montert op, monterde op, monterden op, opgemonterd)
  3. to comfort (cheer up; console; solace)
    opbeuren; bemoedigen
    • opbeuren verb (beur op, beurt op, beurde op, beurden op, opgebeurd)
    • bemoedigen verb (bemoedig, bemoedigt, bemoedigde, bemoedigden, bemoedigd)

Conjugations for comfort:

  1. comfort
  2. comfort
  3. comforts
  4. comfort
  5. comfort
  6. comfort
simple past
  1. comforted
  2. comforted
  3. comforted
  4. comforted
  5. comforted
  6. comforted
present perfect
  1. have comforted
  2. have comforted
  3. has comforted
  4. have comforted
  5. have comforted
  6. have comforted
past continuous
  1. was comforting
  2. were comforting
  3. was comforting
  4. were comforting
  5. were comforting
  6. were comforting
  1. shall comfort
  2. will comfort
  3. will comfort
  4. shall comfort
  5. will comfort
  6. will comfort
continuous present
  1. am comforting
  2. are comforting
  3. is comforting
  4. are comforting
  5. are comforting
  6. are comforting
  1. be comforted
  2. be comforted
  3. be comforted
  4. be comforted
  5. be comforted
  6. be comforted
  1. comfort!
  2. let's comfort!
  3. comforted
  4. comforting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

comfort [the ~] noun

  1. the comfort (consolation; solace)
    de troost; troosting; de vertroosting
  2. the comfort (convenience)
    het comfort
  3. the comfort
    het gerief
  4. the comfort (solace)
    het soelaas
  5. the comfort (encouragement; consolation; relief)
    de opmontering; de vertroosting; de bemoediging
  6. the comfort (conveniences)
  7. the comfort (pleasantness; sociability; convenience; )
    de behaaglijkheid; gerieflijkheid

Translation Matrix for comfort:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
behaaglijkheid chumminess; comfort; companionableness; convenience; conveniences; cosiness; coziness; pleasantness; snugness; sociability
bemoediging comfort; consolation; encouragement; relief cheer; consolation; encouragement
comfort comfort; convenience
gerief comfort
geriefelijkheid comfort; conveniences
gerieflijkheid chumminess; comfort; companionableness; convenience; cosiness; coziness; pleasantness; snugness; sociability comfortableness
opmontering comfort; consolation; encouragement; relief
soelaas comfort; solace
troost comfort; consolation; solace
troosting comfort; consolation; solace
vertroosting comfort; consolation; encouragement; relief; solace
- comfortableness; comforter; consolation; ease; puff; quilt; solace
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bemoedigen cheer up; comfort; console; solace encourage
blij maken cheer up; comfort; gladden brighten; charm; cheer; delight; enchant; fascinate; gladden; make happy; make someone glad; make someone happy; oblige someone with; please; ravish
ondersteunen comfort aid; assist; attend; back; back up; be attentive; be helpful; carry; carry along; do good; extend the hand; help; make oneself useful; prop; prop up; second; shore; support
opbeuren cheer up; comfort; console; solace
opfleuren cheer up; comfort; gladden bloom; brighten up; cheer up; flourish; liven up; prosper
opmonteren cheer up; comfort; gladden
troosten comfort seek refuge in
verkwikken cheer up; comfort; gladden enliven; freshen; freshen up; refresh; revive; tidy up
vertroosten comfort
vrolijker worden cheer up; comfort; gladden
- console; ease; solace; soothe
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
comfort comfortable seat; seat
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- comfortable feeling; comfortableness; solace; soothe; wellbeing

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Related Definitions for "comfort":

  1. assistance, such as that provided to an enemy or to a known criminal1
    • it gave comfort to the enemy1
  2. the act of consoling; giving relief in affliction1
  3. bedding made of two layers of cloth filled with stuffing and stitched together1
  4. a feeling of freedom from worry or disappointment1
  5. satisfaction or physical well-being provided by a person or thing1
    • his friendship was a comfort1
    • a padded chair was one of the room's few comforts1
  6. a state of being relaxed and feeling no pain1
    • he is a man who enjoys his comfort1
  7. a freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state1
    • he had all the material comforts of this world1
  8. lessen pain or discomfort; alleviate1
  9. give moral or emotional strength to1

Wiktionary Translations for comfort:

  1. cause of relief or satisfaction
  2. consolation
  3. contentment, ease
  1. to provide comfort
  2. to make comfortable
  1. een toestand waarin men zonder onrust, vrees of verlegenheid is
  2. steun bij verdriet of pijn

Cross Translation:
comfort troosten; vertroosten consolersoulager quelqu’un dans son affliction par des discours, par des soins, ou de quelque autre manière que ce être.
comfort aanmoedigen; bemoedigen; stijven réconforterrelever les forces, ranimer, remonter, tant au sens physique ou médical, qu'au sens moral.

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