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    • doenbaar


Detailed Translations for possible from English to Dutch


Translation Matrix for possible:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bestaanbaar conceivable; imaginable; possible
denkbaar conceivable; imaginable; possible
doenlijk possible
eventueel if necessary; possible; possibly
mogelijk conceivable; if necessary; imaginable; maybe; perchance; perhaps; possible; possibly; who knows
voorstelbaar conceivable; imaginable; possible
- potential
AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
misschien maybe; perchance; perhaps; possible; possibly; who knows
wellicht maybe; perchance; perhaps; possible; possibly; who knows

Related Words for "possible":

  • possibler, possiblest

Synonyms for "possible":

Antonyms for "possible":

Related Definitions for "possible":

  1. existing in possibility1
    • possible uses of nuclear power1
  2. capable of happening or existing1
    • a breakthrough may be possible next year1
    • anything is possible1
    • warned of possible consequences1
  3. something that can be done1
    • politics is the art of the possible1
  4. an applicant who might be suitable1

Wiktionary Translations for possible:

  1. able but not certain to happen
  2. capable of being done/achieved, feasible
  3. being considered, e.g. for a position
  1. a possible one
  2. a possible choice
  3. a particular event that may happen
  1. een keuze om iets te doen

Cross Translation:
possible wellicht eventuellunter (bestimmten, gewissen) Umstand, in bestimmten Fall
possible mogelijk möglichmachbar, zu verwirklichen, erreichbar
possible bestaanbaar; mogelijk possible — Qui pouvoir être.
possible eventueel; gebeurlijk éventuel — Qui est subordonné à quelque événement incertain.

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