Detailed Translations for amiable from English to Dutch


Translation Matrix for amiable:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aimabel amiable; charming; friendly; lovely; sweet
bekoorlijk amiable; charming; friendly; lovely; sweet adorable; alluring; appealing; attracting; attractive; charming; cute; desireable; dinky; enchanting; entrancing; inviting; lovely; most charming; pretty; sweet; sweetest; tempting
beminnelijk amiable; lovable
charmant affable; amiable; benign; bland; charming; friendly; lovely; sweet; taking adorable; alluring; appealing; attractive; charming; congenial; cute; dinky; enchanting; endearing; engaging; entrancing; likable; lovely; most charming; nice; pretty; sweet; sweetest; winsome
innemend affable; amiable; benign; bland; friendly; taking
lief amiable; lovable adorable; affectionate; angelical; appealing; beloved; cherished; cherubic; congenial; cute; dear; devote; enchanting; endearing; engaging; good; honest; likable; loved; lovely; nice; popular; precious; sweet; sympathetic; well-behaved; winsome
minzaam affable; amiable; benign; bland; friendly; taking
- affable; cordial; genial; good-humored; good-humoured
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
genegenheid opwekkend affable; amiable; benign; bland; friendly; taking

Related Words for "amiable":

  • amiableness

Synonyms for "amiable":

Related Definitions for "amiable":

  1. diffusing warmth and friendliness1
    • an amiable gathering1
  2. disposed to please1
    • an amiable villain with a cocky sidelong grin1

Wiktionary Translations for amiable:

Cross Translation:
amiable aardig; beminnelijk; lief; vriendelijk; voorkomend aimable — Qui mériter d’aimer.
amiable amicaal; bevriend; vriendschappelijk amical — Qui faire preuve d’amitié.