Detailed Translations for assistance from English to Dutch


assistance [the ~] noun

  1. the assistance (support; help)
    de medewerking; de assistentie
  2. the assistance (help; aid)
    de hulp; de ondersteuning; de steun; de bijstand
  3. the assistance (aid; helpfulness; relief; help)
    de hulpverlening; de hulp; de bijstand; de assistentie; het hulpbetoon; de handreiking
  4. the assistance (support; welfare; social security; relief)
    de ondersteuning; de bijstand
  5. the assistance (support; aid; help)
    de ondersteuning; het support; de steun
  6. the assistance (aid; relief)
  7. the assistance (welfare; helpfulness)
    de bijstandsuitkering; de bijstand
  8. the assistance (aid; support; help)
    het dienstbetoon; het hulpbetoon

Translation Matrix for assistance:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
assistentie aid; assistance; help; helpfulness; relief; support assisted service; provision of services; services
bijstand aid; assistance; help; helpfulness; relief; social security; support; welfare social assistance; social security; supplementary benefit
bijstandsuitkering assistance; helpfulness; welfare
dienstbetoon aid; assistance; help; support
handreiking aid; assistance; help; helpfulness; relief
hulp aid; assistance; help; helpfulness; relief aide; assistant; attendant; bystander; charlady; charwoman; cleaning lady; cleaning woman; cleaning-person; clerk; deacon; footman; helper; home help; male nurse; orderly; second servant; social assistance; valet
hulpbetoon aid; assistance; help; helpfulness; relief; support
hulpverlenen aid; assistance; relief
hulpverlening aid; assistance; help; helpfulness; relief social work; welfare work
medewerking assistance; help; support co-operation
ondersteuning aid; assistance; help; relief; social security; support; welfare social assistance; support
steun aid; assistance; help; support anchor; cheers; crutch; encouragement; encouraging; help; mainstay; putting on; social assistance; stay; stimulation; support; switching on; turning on; turning up; urging; urging on
support aid; assistance; help; support
- aid; assist; help

Synonyms for "assistance":

Related Definitions for "assistance":

  1. the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose1
    • could not walk without assistance1
  2. a resource1

Wiktionary Translations for assistance:

  1. Aid; help; the act or result of assisting
  1. handeling om iemand steun of bijstand te verlenen

Cross Translation:
assistance hulp; medewerking; assistentie Mithilfe — das gemeinsame helfen bei einer Sache
assistance assistentie; bijstand; heul; hulp; toedoen; toeverlaat aideaction d’apporter son soutien physiquement, verbalement, financièrement ou de tout autre manière.

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