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  1. bedspread:


Detailed Translations for bedspread from English to Dutch


bedspread [the ~] noun

  1. the bedspread (blanket; cover; coverlet)
    de deken; beddedeken; de dek
  2. the bedspread (bedcover; coverlet; counterpane)
    de beddensprei; de sprei

Translation Matrix for bedspread:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beddedeken bedspread; blanket; cover; coverlet
beddensprei bedcover; bedspread; counterpane; coverlet
dek bedspread; blanket; cover; coverlet cover; covering
deken bedspread; blanket; cover; coverlet
sprei bedcover; bedspread; counterpane; coverlet
- bed cover; bed covering; bedcover; counterpane; spread

Related Words for "bedspread":

  • bedspreads

Synonyms for "bedspread":

Related Definitions for "bedspread":

  1. decorative cover for a bed1