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Detailed Translations for beneficial from English to Dutch


beneficial adj

  1. beneficial (fortunate; lucky; exultant)
  2. beneficial (salutary)

Translation Matrix for beneficial:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gelukkig beneficial; exultant; fortunate; lucky auspicious; blissful; contented; fortunate; lucky; propitious; prosperous; successful
heilzaam beneficial; salutary
voorspoedig beneficial; exultant; fortunate; lucky auspicious; fortunate; propitious; prosperous; successful
zegenrijk beneficial; salutary
- good

Related Words for "beneficial":

  • beneficially

Synonyms for "beneficial":

Related Definitions for "beneficial":

  1. promoting or enhancing well-being1
    • an arms limitation agreement beneficial to all countries1
    • the beneficial effects of a temperate climate1

Wiktionary Translations for beneficial:

  1. helpful or good to something or someone

Cross Translation:
beneficial hulp-; bij-; minder belangrijk; ver; zij-; zijdelings; bijbehorend; bijkomend; bijkomstig; accessorisch; accessoir auxiliaire — à classer

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