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  1. conclude writing:


Detailed Translations for conclude writing from English to Dutch

conclude writing:

to conclude writing verb (concludes writing, concluded writing, concluding writing)

  1. to conclude writing (write off; finish of writing; finish off writing)
    ten einde schrijven
    • ten einde schrijven verb (schrijf ten einde, schrijft ten einde, schreef ten einde, schreven ten einde, ten einde geschreven)

Conjugations for conclude writing:

  1. conclude writing
  2. conclude writing
  3. concludes writing
  4. conclude writing
  5. conclude writing
  6. conclude writing
simple past
  1. concluded writing
  2. concluded writing
  3. concluded writing
  4. concluded writing
  5. concluded writing
  6. concluded writing
present perfect
  1. have concluded writing
  2. have concluded writing
  3. has concluded writing
  4. have concluded writing
  5. have concluded writing
  6. have concluded writing
past continuous
  1. was concluding writing
  2. were concluding writing
  3. was concluding writing
  4. were concluding writing
  5. were concluding writing
  6. were concluding writing
  1. shall conclude writing
  2. will conclude writing
  3. will conclude writing
  4. shall conclude writing
  5. will conclude writing
  6. will conclude writing
continuous present
  1. am concluding writing
  2. are concluding writing
  3. is concluding writing
  4. are concluding writing
  5. are concluding writing
  6. are concluding writing
  1. be concluded writing
  2. be concluded writing
  3. be concluded writing
  4. be concluded writing
  5. be concluded writing
  6. be concluded writing
  1. conclude writing!
  2. let's conclude writing!
  3. concluded writing
  4. concluding writing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for conclude writing:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ten einde schrijven conclude writing; finish of writing; finish off writing; write off

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