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Detailed Translations for consult from English to Dutch


to consult verb (consults, consulted, consulting)

  1. to consult (seek)
    – seek information from 1
    consulteren; raadplegen
    • consulteren verb (consulteer, consulteert, consulteerde, consulteerden, geconsulteerd)
    • raadplegen verb (raadpleeg, raadpleegt, raadpleegde, raadpleegden, geraadpleegd)
  2. to consult (discuss)
    overleg voeren; doorspreken
  3. to consult
    – To confer with the call recipient before transferring a call or adding the call recipient to a conference call. 2

Conjugations for consult:

  1. consult
  2. consult
  3. consults
  4. consult
  5. consult
  6. consult
simple past
  1. consulted
  2. consulted
  3. consulted
  4. consulted
  5. consulted
  6. consulted
present perfect
  1. have consulted
  2. have consulted
  3. has consulted
  4. have consulted
  5. have consulted
  6. have consulted
past continuous
  1. was consulting
  2. were consulting
  3. was consulting
  4. were consulting
  5. were consulting
  6. were consulting
  1. shall consult
  2. will consult
  3. will consult
  4. shall consult
  5. will consult
  6. will consult
continuous present
  1. am consulting
  2. are consulting
  3. is consulting
  4. are consulting
  5. are consulting
  6. are consulting
  1. be consulted
  2. be consulted
  3. be consulted
  4. be consulted
  5. be consulted
  6. be consulted
  1. consult!
  2. let's consult!
  3. consulted
  4. consulting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for consult:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
consulteren consult; seek
doorspreken consult; discuss comment; discuss; review; speak about; talk about; talk it over
overleg voeren consult; discuss
raadplegen consult; seek
ruggespraak houden consult
- confab; confabulate; confer; confer with; look up; refer
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- confer; seek advice from

Related Words for "consult":

  • reconsult, consulting

Synonyms for "consult":

Related Definitions for "consult":

  1. advise professionally1
    • The professor consults for industry1
  2. have a conference in order to talk something over1
  3. seek information from1
    • You should consult the dictionary1
  4. get or ask advice from1
    • They had to consult before arriving at a decision1
  5. To confer with the call recipient before transferring a call or adding the call recipient to a conference call.2

Wiktionary Translations for consult:

  1. ask advice
  1. een bron van informatie of ervaring aanspeken

Cross Translation:
consult consulteren konsultieren — (transitiv) zu Rate ziehen, zurückgreifen auf
consult consulteren; raadplegen consulter — Prendre avis, conseil ou instruction de quelqu’un.