Detailed Translations for cook from English to Dutch


cook [the ~] noun

  1. the cook (head-cook; chef)
    de kok; de keukenmeester
  2. the cook (kitchen-maid; chef; caterer; head-cook)
    de keukenprinses; de meid; de keukenmeid
  3. the cook (chef; caterer; head-cook)
    de kokkie; de kookster

to cook verb (cooks, cooked, cooking)

  1. to cook (prepare a meal; do the cooking)
    koken; eten bereiden; kokkerellen
    • koken verb (kook, kookt, kookte, kookten, gekookt)
    • kokkerellen verb (kokkerel, kokkerelt, kokkerelde, kokkerelden, gekokkereld)
  2. to cook (prepare; brew; make ready)
    bereiden; klaarmaken; prepareren; brouwen; iets toebereiden
    • bereiden verb (bereid, bereidt, bereidde, bereidden, bereid)
    • klaarmaken verb (maak klaar, maakt klaar, maakte klaar, maakten klaar, klaargemaakt)
    • prepareren verb (prepareer, prepareert, prepareerde, prepareerden, geprepareerd)
    • brouwen verb (brouw, brouwt, brouwde, brouwden, gebrouwd)
  3. to cook (boil with rage; seethe; anneal; start boiling; reach the boiling point)
    zieden; koken van woede
  4. to cook
    gaar koken
    • gaar koken verb (kook gaar, kookt gaar, kookte gaar, kookten gaar, gaar gekookd)

Conjugations for cook:

  1. cook
  2. cook
  3. cooks
  4. cook
  5. cook
  6. cook
simple past
  1. cooked
  2. cooked
  3. cooked
  4. cooked
  5. cooked
  6. cooked
present perfect
  1. have cooked
  2. have cooked
  3. has cooked
  4. have cooked
  5. have cooked
  6. have cooked
past continuous
  1. was cooking
  2. were cooking
  3. was cooking
  4. were cooking
  5. were cooking
  6. were cooking
  1. shall cook
  2. will cook
  3. will cook
  4. shall cook
  5. will cook
  6. will cook
continuous present
  1. am cooking
  2. are cooking
  3. is cooking
  4. are cooking
  5. are cooking
  6. are cooking
  1. be cooked
  2. be cooked
  3. be cooked
  4. be cooked
  5. be cooked
  6. be cooked
  1. cook!
  2. let's cook!
  3. cooked
  4. cooking
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for cook:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bereiden composing; preparation
keukenmeester chef; cook; head-cook
keukenmeid caterer; chef; cook; head-cook; kitchen-maid
keukenprinses caterer; chef; cook; head-cook; kitchen-maid
klaarmaken composing; preparation
kok chef; cook; head-cook
koken boiling; cooking; preparing diner; seething
kokkie caterer; chef; cook; head-cook
kookster caterer; chef; cook; head-cook
meid caterer; chef; cook; head-cook; kitchen-maid maid; maiden
zieden seething
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bereiden brew; cook; make ready; prepare prepare
brouwen brew; cook; make ready; prepare prepare
eten bereiden cook; do the cooking; prepare a meal
gaar koken cook
iets toebereiden brew; cook; make ready; prepare
klaarmaken brew; cook; make ready; prepare accomplish; bring to an end; complete; end; finish; get done; get ready; prepare
koken cook; do the cooking; prepare a meal
koken van woede anneal; boil with rage; cook; reach the boiling point; seethe; start boiling
kokkerellen cook; do the cooking; prepare a meal
prepareren brew; cook; make ready; prepare introduce; prepare
zieden anneal; boil with rage; cook; reach the boiling point; seethe; start boiling
- fake; falsify; fix; fudge; make; manipulate; misrepresent; prepare; ready; wangle
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- dress; female cook; kitchen-maid; make; prepare

Related Words for "cook":

Synonyms for "cook":

Related Definitions for "cook":

  1. someone who cooks food1
  2. transform and make suitable for consumption by heating1
    • These potatoes have to cook for 20 minutes1
  3. transform by heating1
    • The apothecary cooked the medicinal mixture in a big iron kettle1
  4. prepare for eating by applying heat1
  5. prepare a hot meal1
    • My husband doesn't cook1
  6. tamper, with the purpose of deception1
    • cook the books1

Wiktionary Translations for cook:

  1. colloquial: be uncomfortably hot
  2. prepare food
  3. become ready for eating
  4. prepare (food) for eating
  1. a person who prepares food for a living
  1. met behulp van ingrediënten een maaltijd klaarmaken

Cross Translation:
cook koken kochenLebensmittel unter Einwirkung von Hitze zu einer Mahlzeit zubereiten
cook koken cuirepréparer les aliments par le moyen du feu, de la chaleur, pour les rendre propres à être manger. devenir propre à être mangé ou propre à tel ou tel usage par le moyen du feu, de la chaleur.
cook koken cuisiner — Préparer à manger
cook kok cuisinier — Celui qui prépare la nourriture

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