Detailed Translations for dispenser from English to Dutch


dispenser [the ~] noun

  1. the dispenser (distributor)
  2. the dispenser (distributor)

Translation Matrix for dispenser:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afgeefster dispenser; distributor distributor; woman who delivers something; woman who presents something
uitdeler dispenser; distributor

Related Words for "dispenser":

Synonyms for "dispenser":

Related Definitions for "dispenser":

  1. a container so designed that the contents can be used in prescribed amounts1
  2. a person who dispenses1


to dispense verb (dispenses, dispensed, dispensing)

  1. to dispense (provide; give; deliver; hand over to)
    verstrekken; verlenen; geven; schenken
    • verstrekken verb (verstrek, verstrekt, verstrekte, verstrekten, verstrekt)
    • verlenen verb (verleen, verleent, verleende, verleenden, verleend)
    • geven verb (geef, geeft, gaf, gaven, gegeven)
    • schenken verb (schenk, schenkt, schonk, schonken, geschonken)
  2. to dispense (exempt from)
    • dispenseren verb (dispenseer, dispenseert, dispenseerde, dispenseerden, gedispenseerd)

Conjugations for dispense:

  1. dispense
  2. dispense
  3. dispenses
  4. dispense
  5. dispense
  6. dispense
simple past
  1. dispensed
  2. dispensed
  3. dispensed
  4. dispensed
  5. dispensed
  6. dispensed
present perfect
  1. have dispensed
  2. have dispensed
  3. has dispensed
  4. have dispensed
  5. have dispensed
  6. have dispensed
past continuous
  1. was dispensing
  2. were dispensing
  3. was dispensing
  4. were dispensing
  5. were dispensing
  6. were dispensing
  1. shall dispense
  2. will dispense
  3. will dispense
  4. shall dispense
  5. will dispense
  6. will dispense
continuous present
  1. am dispensing
  2. are dispensing
  3. is dispensing
  4. are dispensing
  5. are dispensing
  6. are dispensing
  1. be dispensed
  2. be dispensed
  3. be dispensed
  4. be dispensed
  5. be dispensed
  6. be dispensed
  1. dispense!
  2. let's dispense!
  3. dispensed
  4. dispensing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for dispense:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dispenseren dispense; exempt from
geven deliver; dispense; give; hand over to; provide administer; apply; delate; deliver up; donate; extend; give; give to; hand; hand over; nurse; offer; pass; pour in; present with
schenken deliver; dispense; give; hand over to; provide add; bestow; donate; give; give a present; grant; offer; pour; pour some more; sprinkle
verlenen deliver; dispense; give; hand over to; provide authorise; authorize; grant; permit
verstrekken deliver; dispense; give; hand over to; provide administer; apply; furnish; nurse; pour in; provide; supply
- administer

Related Words for "dispense":

Synonyms for "dispense":

Related Definitions for "dispense":

  1. give or apply (medications)1
  2. grant a dispensation; grant an exemption1
    • I was dispensed from this terrible task1

Wiktionary Translations for dispense:

  1. To eliminate or do without
  2. To supply or make up a medicine or prescription
  3. To issue, distribute, or put out

Cross Translation:
dispense ontslaan; vrijstellen; uitzonderen; distribueren; rondbrengen; verdelen; ronddelen; rondgeven; uitdelen; uitreiken dispenserexempter de la règle ordinaire, par faveur spéciale, ou simplement exempter de quelque chose.

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