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  1. drink slowly:


Detailed Translations for drink slowly from English to Dutch

drink slowly:

to drink slowly verb (drinks slowly, drank slowly, drinking slowly)

  1. to drink slowly (sip; nip at; sip at)
    nippen; langzaam drinken
    • nippen verb (nip, nipt, nipte, nipten, genipt)
    • langzaam drinken verb (drink langzaam, drinkt langzaam, dronk langzaam, dronken langzaam, langzaam gedronken)

Conjugations for drink slowly:

  1. drink slowly
  2. drink slowly
  3. drinks slowly
  4. drink slowly
  5. drink slowly
  6. drink slowly
simple past
  1. drank slowly
  2. drank slowly
  3. drank slowly
  4. drank slowly
  5. drank slowly
  6. drank slowly
present perfect
  1. have drunk slowly
  2. have drunk slowly
  3. has drunk slowly
  4. have drunk slowly
  5. have drunk slowly
  6. have drunk slowly
past continuous
  1. was drinking slowly
  2. were drinking slowly
  3. was drinking slowly
  4. were drinking slowly
  5. were drinking slowly
  6. were drinking slowly
  1. shall drink slowly
  2. will drink slowly
  3. will drink slowly
  4. shall drink slowly
  5. will drink slowly
  6. will drink slowly
continuous present
  1. am drinking slowly
  2. are drinking slowly
  3. is drinking slowly
  4. are drinking slowly
  5. are drinking slowly
  6. are drinking slowly
  1. be drunk slowly
  2. be drunk slowly
  3. be drunk slowly
  4. be drunk slowly
  5. be drunk slowly
  6. be drunk slowly
  1. drink slowly!
  2. let's drink slowly!
  3. drunk slowly
  4. drinking slowly
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for drink slowly:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
langzaam drinken drink slowly; nip at; sip; sip at
nippen drink slowly; nip at; sip; sip at

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