Detailed Translations for educate from English to Dutch


to educate verb (educates, educated, educating)

  1. to educate (tutor; school; train; lead up)
    – teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment 1
    scholen; opleiden
    • scholen verb
    • opleiden verb (leid op, leidt op, leidde op, leidden op, opgeleid)
  2. to educate (bring up; raise; rear)
    opvoeden; grootbrengen; vormen
    • opvoeden verb (voed op, voedt op, voedde op, voedden op, opgevoed)
    • grootbrengen verb (breng groot, brengt groot, bracht groot, brachten groot, grootgebracht)
    • vormen verb (vorm, vormt, vormde, vormden, gevormd)
  3. to educate (teach; learn)
    onderwijzen; leren; bijbrengen
    • onderwijzen verb (onderwijs, onderwijst, onderwees, onderwezen, onderwezen)
    • leren verb (leer, leert, leerde, leerden, geleerd)
    • bijbrengen verb (breng bij, brengt bij, bracht bij, brachten bij, bijgebracht)

Conjugations for educate:

  1. educate
  2. educate
  3. educates
  4. educate
  5. educate
  6. educate
simple past
  1. educated
  2. educated
  3. educated
  4. educated
  5. educated
  6. educated
present perfect
  1. have educated
  2. have educated
  3. has educated
  4. have educated
  5. have educated
  6. have educated
past continuous
  1. was educating
  2. were educating
  3. was educating
  4. were educating
  5. were educating
  6. were educating
  1. shall educate
  2. will educate
  3. will educate
  4. shall educate
  5. will educate
  6. will educate
continuous present
  1. am educating
  2. are educating
  3. is educating
  4. are educating
  5. are educating
  6. are educating
  1. be educated
  2. be educated
  3. be educated
  4. be educated
  5. be educated
  6. be educated
  1. educate!
  2. let's educate!
  3. educated
  4. educating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for educate:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
leren learning; studying
scholen schools
vormen civilizing; cultivating; polishing; refining
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bijbrengen educate; learn; teach instruct; prepare; teach; train
grootbrengen bring up; educate; raise; rear
leren educate; learn; teach absorb; acquire; aquire; collect; familiarise; familiarize; gain; get the hang of; get used to; learn; master; pick up; practice; practise; qualify; receive; study; studying; teach; train
onderwijzen educate; learn; teach instruct; learn; prepare; qualify; study; studying; teach; train
opleiden educate; lead up; school; train; tutor
opvoeden bring up; educate; raise; rear
scholen educate; lead up; school; train; tutor
vormen bring up; educate; raise; rear be; form; give shape; knead; massage; model; mould; shape
- civilise; civilize; cultivate; develop; prepare; school; train

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Synonyms for "educate":

Related Definitions for "educate":

  1. create by training and teaching1
  2. give an education to1
    • We must educate our youngsters better1
  3. teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment1

Wiktionary Translations for educate:

  1. to instruct or train

Cross Translation:
educate naar boven brengen großziehen — (ein Kind oder ein junges Tier) umsorgen und ernähren, bis es selbständig und erwachsen ist
educate vormen formercréer en donnant l’être et la forme.
educate dresseren; grootbrengen; kweken; opleiden; opvoeden éduquer — Former par l’éducation, instruire.

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