Detailed Translations for exalt from English to Dutch


to exalt verb (exalts, exalted, exalting)

  1. to exalt (see through rose coloured spectacles; romanticize; romanticise)
    verheerlijken; romantiseren; met een roze bril bezien

Conjugations for exalt:

  1. exalt
  2. exalt
  3. exalts
  4. exalt
  5. exalt
  6. exalt
simple past
  1. exalted
  2. exalted
  3. exalted
  4. exalted
  5. exalted
  6. exalted
present perfect
  1. have exalted
  2. have exalted
  3. has exalted
  4. have exalted
  5. have exalted
  6. have exalted
past continuous
  1. was exalting
  2. were exalting
  3. was exalting
  4. were exalting
  5. were exalting
  6. were exalting
  1. shall exalt
  2. will exalt
  3. will exalt
  4. shall exalt
  5. will exalt
  6. will exalt
continuous present
  1. am exalting
  2. are exalting
  3. is exalting
  4. are exalting
  5. are exalting
  6. are exalting
  1. be exalted
  2. be exalted
  3. be exalted
  4. be exalted
  5. be exalted
  6. be exalted
  1. exalt!
  2. let's exalt!
  3. exalted
  4. exalting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for exalt:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
verheerlijken adoring; glorifying; looking exalted; worship
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
met een roze bril bezien exalt; romanticise; romanticize; see through rose coloured spectacles
romantiseren exalt; romanticise; romanticize; see through rose coloured spectacles
verheerlijken exalt; romanticise; romanticize; see through rose coloured spectacles
- animate; beatify; enliven; exhilarate; extol; glorify; inebriate; inspire; invigorate; laud; proclaim; thrill; tickle pink

Related Words for "exalt":

Synonyms for "exalt":

Related Definitions for "exalt":

  1. raise in rank, character, or status1
    • exalted the humble shoemaker to the rank of King's adviser1
  2. praise, glorify, or honor1
  3. fill with sublime emotion1
  4. heighten or intensify1
    • These paintings exalt the imagination1

Wiktionary Translations for exalt:

Cross Translation:
exalt in vervoering brengen exalterélever très haut par des louanges.
exalt doen zwellen; oppompen; verhogen hausserrendre plus haut, mettre dans une situation plus haute, élever.