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  1. face-to-face:


Detailed Translations for face-to-face from English to Dutch

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face to face:

Related Definitions for "face to face":

  1. involving close contact; confronting each other1
    • they spoke face to face1

Wiktionary Translations for face to face:

face to face
  1. in person

Cross Translation:
face to face vlak voor zijn neus nez à nezface à face.


Translation Matrix for face-to-face:

AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- opposite

Synonyms for "face-to-face":

Related Definitions for "face-to-face":

  1. in each other's presence1
    • a face-to-face encounter1
  2. within each other's presence1
    • she met the president face-to-face1
  3. directly facing each other1
    • the two photographs lay face-to-face on the table1
    • lived all their lives in houses face-to-face across the street1

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