Detailed Translations for food from English to Dutch


food [the ~] noun

  1. the food
    de voeding; de voedsel; de spijs; de eetwaren; de proviand
    het eten
    – wat je bij de maaltijd tot je neemt 1
    • eten [het ~] noun
      • het eten is koud1
  2. the food (feeding; nutrition; nourishment)
    de voeding; de voedsel; de spijziging; de kost
    het eten
    – wat je bij de maaltijd tot je neemt 1
    • eten [het ~] noun
      • het eten is koud1
  3. the food (dish; course; fare)
    het gerecht; de schotel
  4. the food (victuals; eatables; edibles)
    de levensmiddelen
  5. the food (foodstuff)
    de voedingsmiddelen; de voedsel
  6. the food (provisions; eatables; victuals; edibles)
    de leeftocht
  7. the food (refreshments; drinks)
    de verteringen; de consumpties
  8. the food (foodstuff; provision; victual)
    het levensmiddel

Translation Matrix for food:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
consumpties drinks; food; refreshments
eetwaren food
eten feeding; food; nourishment; nutrition course; dish; meal
gerecht course; dish; fare; food court; court of justice; court of law; court-house; law court; tribunal
kost feeding; food; nourishment; nutrition cost; expenses; maintenance; support
leeftocht eatables; edibles; food; provisions; victuals
levensmiddel food; foodstuff; provision; victual
levensmiddelen eatables; edibles; food; victuals human nutrition
proviand food
schotel course; dish; fare; food
spijs food almondpaste
spijziging feeding; food; nourishment; nutrition
verteringen drinks; food; refreshments digestion
voeding feeding; food; nourishment; nutrition nutrition
voedingsmiddelen food; foodstuff
voedsel feeding; food; foodstuff; nourishment; nutrition maintenance; support
- food for thought; intellectual nourishment; nutrient; solid food
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
eten consume; dine; dispatch; eat; eat heartily; eat hungrily; eat up; grab a bite; have a meal; have dinner; have something to eat; having a good feed; munch; nibble; nybble; work inside
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- catering; catering service; foodstuff; meal

Related Words for "food":

  • foods

Synonyms for "food":

Related Definitions for "food":

  1. any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue2
  2. anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking2
  3. any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment2
    • food and drink2

Wiktionary Translations for food:

  1. any substance consumed by living organisms to sustain life
Cross Translation:
food vreten Fressen(von Tieren; salopp oder emotional, abwertend von Menschen) Vorgang, Handlung, bei dem beziehungsweise bei der gefressen wird
food levensmiddel; voedsel LebensmittelLebensmittel von Meerestieren sind hingegen 99% Salzwasser und 1% Nahrung.
food voeding; kost; voeder; voedingsmiddel; voedsel; voer aliment — Ce qui se manger et servir à entretenir la vie.
food eten; voedsel; voer; voeding; kost; voeder; voedingsmiddel; etenswaar; gerecht; spijs nourriturealiment.
food beemd; weide; wei; weidegrond; weiland; voeding; kost; voeder; voedingsmiddel; voedsel; voer; foerage pâture — éleva|fr nourriture des bêtes, des oiseaux, des poissons.

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