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Detailed Translations for foretell from English to Dutch


to foretell verb (foretells, foretold, foretelling)

  1. to foretell (predict; forecast; soothsay)
    voorspellen; wichelen
    • voorspellen verb (voorspel, voorspelt, voorspelde, voorspelden, voorspeld)
    • wichelen verb (wichel, wichelt, wichelde, wichelden, gewicheld)
  2. to foretell (forecast; predict; tell in advance)
    tevoren zeggen
    • tevoren zeggen verb (zeg tevoren, zegt tevoren, zei tevoren, zeiden tevoren, tevoren gezegd)
  3. to foretell (predict; soothsay; forecast; tell in advance)
    • voortellen verb (tel voor, telt voor, telde voor, telden voor, voorgeteld)

Conjugations for foretell:

  1. foretell
  2. foretell
  3. foretells
  4. foretell
  5. foretell
  6. foretell
simple past
  1. foretold
  2. foretold
  3. foretold
  4. foretold
  5. foretold
  6. foretold
present perfect
  1. have foretold
  2. have foretold
  3. has foretold
  4. have foretold
  5. have foretold
  6. have foretold
past continuous
  1. was foretelling
  2. were foretelling
  3. was foretelling
  4. were foretelling
  5. were foretelling
  6. were foretelling
  1. shall foretell
  2. will foretell
  3. will foretell
  4. shall foretell
  5. will foretell
  6. will foretell
continuous present
  1. am foretelling
  2. are foretelling
  3. is foretelling
  4. are foretelling
  5. are foretelling
  6. are foretelling
  1. be foretold
  2. be foretold
  3. be foretold
  4. be foretold
  5. be foretold
  6. be foretold
  1. foretell!
  2. let's foretell!
  3. foretold
  4. foretelling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for foretell:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tevoren zeggen forecast; foretell; predict; tell in advance
voorspellen forecast; foretell; predict; soothsay
voortellen forecast; foretell; predict; soothsay; tell in advance
wichelen forecast; foretell; predict; soothsay
- announce; annunciate; anticipate; call; forebode; harbinger; herald; predict; prognosticate; promise

Related Words for "foretell":

  • foretelling

Synonyms for "foretell":

Related Definitions for "foretell":

  1. make a prediction about; tell in advance1
    • Everyone thought the old lady could foretell the future.2
  2. foreshadow or presage1

Wiktionary Translations for foretell:

  1. een uitspraak doen over toekomstige gebeurtenissen

Cross Translation:
foretell voorspellen; beduiden; voorzeggen; waarzeggen prédireprophétiser ; annoncer par inspiration divine ce qui doit arriver.