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  1. help on:


Detailed Translations for help on from English to Dutch

help on:

to help on verb (helps on, helped on, helping on)

  1. to help on (help along)
    vooruithelpen; verderhelpen
    • vooruithelpen verb (help vooruit, helpt vooruit, hielp vooruit, hielpen vooruit, vooruitgeholpen)
    • verderhelpen verb (help verder, helpt verder, hielp verder, hielpen verder, verder geholpen)

Conjugations for help on:

  1. help on
  2. help on
  3. helps on
  4. help on
  5. help on
  6. help on
simple past
  1. helped on
  2. helped on
  3. helped on
  4. helped on
  5. helped on
  6. helped on
present perfect
  1. have helped on
  2. have helped on
  3. has helped on
  4. have helped on
  5. have helped on
  6. have helped on
past continuous
  1. was helping on
  2. were helping on
  3. was helping on
  4. were helping on
  5. were helping on
  6. were helping on
  1. shall help on
  2. will help on
  3. will help on
  4. shall help on
  5. will help on
  6. will help on
continuous present
  1. am helping on
  2. are helping on
  3. is helping on
  4. are helping on
  5. are helping on
  6. are helping on
  1. be helped on
  2. be helped on
  3. be helped on
  4. be helped on
  5. be helped on
  6. be helped on
  1. help on!
  2. let's help on!
  3. helped on
  4. helping on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for help on:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
verderhelpen help along; help on
vooruithelpen help along; help on

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