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Detailed Translations for hurdle from English to Dutch


hurdle [the ~] noun

  1. the hurdle
    de horde; het atletiekhekje
  2. the hurdle (trellis work; hoarding; fence; fencing; lattice-works)
    de schutting
  3. the hurdle (hurdle race)
    de hordeloop
  4. the hurdle (hurdle race)

Translation Matrix for hurdle:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atletiekhekje hurdle
horde hurdle bunch; clutter; common herd; crowd; drove; flock; gang; heap; herd; horde; load; lot; mob; multitude; pack; party; troop; troupe; wattle
hordeloop hurdle; hurdle race
hordenrace hurdle; hurdle race
schutting fence; fencing; hoarding; hurdle; lattice-works; trellis work
- vault

Related Words for "hurdle":

  • hurdles

Synonyms for "hurdle":

Related Definitions for "hurdle":

  1. the act of jumping over an obstacle1
  2. a light movable barrier that competitors must leap over in certain races1
  3. an obstacle that you are expected to overcome1
    • the last hurdle before graduation1
  4. jump a hurdle1

Wiktionary Translations for hurdle:

Cross Translation:
hurdle belemmering; obstakel; hindernis Hindernis — ein Gegenstand, der das Weiterkommen verhindern oder behindern
hurdle horde claie — (term, Vannerie) panier faire de brins d’osier, plat, long et large, selon l’usage que l’on en fait.

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