Detailed Translations for identify from English to Dutch


to identify verb (identifies, indentified, identifying)

  1. to identify (ascertain; establish)
    vaststellen; constateren
    • vaststellen verb (stel vast, stelt vast, stelde vast, stelden vast, vastgesteld)
    • constateren verb (constateer, constateert, constateerde, constateerden, geconstateerd)
  2. to identify
    identificeren; identiteit vaststellen
  3. to identify
    identificeren; vereenzelvigen
    • identificeren verb (identificeer, identificeert, identificeerde, identificeerden, geïdentificeerd)
    • vereenzelvigen verb (vereenzelvig, vereenzelvigt, vereenzelvigde, vereenzelvigden, vereenzelvigd)
  4. to identify
    • vereenzelvigen verb (vereenzelvig, vereenzelvigt, vereenzelvigde, vereenzelvigden, vereenzelvigd)
  5. to identify (determine; establish)
    vaststellen; determineren; bepalen
    • vaststellen verb (stel vast, stelt vast, stelde vast, stelden vast, vastgesteld)
    • determineren verb (determineer, determineert, determineerde, determineerden, gedetermineerd)
    • bepalen verb (bepaal, bepaalt, bepaalde, bepaalden, bepaalt)
  6. to identify (determine)
    • bestemmen verb (bestem, bestemt, bestemde, bestemden, bestemd)
  7. to identify (prove identity)
    • legitimeren verb (legitimeer, legitimeert, legitimeerde, legitimeerden, gelegitimeerd)
  8. to identify (recognize; recognise)
    • herkennen verb (herken, herkent, herkende, herkenden, herkend)

Conjugations for identify:

  1. identify
  2. identify
  3. identifies
  4. identify
  5. identify
  6. identify
simple past
  1. indentified
  2. indentified
  3. indentified
  4. indentified
  5. indentified
  6. indentified
present perfect
  1. have indentified
  2. have indentified
  3. has indentified
  4. have indentified
  5. have indentified
  6. have indentified
past continuous
  1. was identifying
  2. were identifying
  3. was identifying
  4. were identifying
  5. were identifying
  6. were identifying
  1. shall identify
  2. will identify
  3. will identify
  4. shall identify
  5. will identify
  6. will identify
continuous present
  1. am identifying
  2. are identifying
  3. is identifying
  4. are identifying
  5. are identifying
  6. are identifying
  1. be indentified
  2. be indentified
  3. be indentified
  4. be indentified
  5. be indentified
  6. be indentified
  1. identify!
  2. let's identify!
  3. indentified
  4. identifying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for identify:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bepalen declaring; decreeing; determine; dictating; ordering; prescribe; requiring
herkennen detecting; discerning; identification; noticing; recognition
vaststellen determine
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bepalen determine; establish; identify assess; calculate; define; determine; estimate; outline
bestemmen determine; identify
constateren ascertain; establish; identify
determineren determine; establish; identify
herkennen identify; recognise; recognize
identificeren identify
identiteit vaststellen identify
legitimeren identify; prove identity
vaststellen ascertain; determine; establish; identify
vereenzelvigen identify
- describe; discover; distinguish; key; key out; name; place

Related Words for "identify":

Synonyms for "identify":

Related Definitions for "identify":

  1. consider to be equal or the same1
  2. recognize as being; establish the identity of someone or something1
  3. identify as in botany or biology, for example1
  4. consider (oneself) as similar to somebody else1
  5. conceive of as united or associated1
  6. give the name or identifying characteristics of; refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property1
    • The almanac identifies the auspicious months1

Wiktionary Translations for identify:

  1. to associate oneself with some group
  2. (biology) to establish the taxonomic classification of an organism
  3. to establish the identity of someone or something

Cross Translation:
identify identificeren; vereenzelvigen; onderkennen; onderscheiden; onderscheid maken tussen identifier — didactique|fr comprendre deux choses sous une même idée.
identify beleggen; houden; teweegbrengen; uitschrijven; leggen; plaatsen; situeren; stationeren; identificeren; vereenzelvigen situerplacer, poser en certain endroit par rapport à l’exposition, à l’aspect, au voisinage, etc.