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    • confituur


Detailed Translations for jam from English to Dutch


jam [the ~] noun

  1. the jam (marmelade; preserve)
    de jam
    • jam [de ~ (m)] noun
  2. the jam
    de jam; vruchtengelei
  3. the jam (blockage; congestion; stoppage; constipation)
    de verstopping; de opstopping
  4. the jam (marmalade)
    de marmelade; vruchtengelei
  5. the jam (stagnation; congestion; stoppage; hold-up)
    de stagnatie; de stuwing
  6. the jam (stagnation; congestion)
    de opstuwing

to jam verb (jams, jammed, jamming)

  1. to jam (block; obstruct)
    blokkeren; stremmen
    • blokkeren verb (blokkeer, blokkeert, blokkeerde, blokkeerden, geblokkeerd)
    • stremmen verb (strem, stremt, stremde, stremden, gestremd)
  2. to jam (get stuck; run aground; becoming stuck)
    vastlopen; klem komen
  3. to jam (stalemate)
    • klemzetten verb (zet klem, zette klem, zetten klem, klem gezet)

Conjugations for jam:

  1. jam
  2. jam
  3. jams
  4. jam
  5. jam
  6. jam
simple past
  1. jammed
  2. jammed
  3. jammed
  4. jammed
  5. jammed
  6. jammed
present perfect
  1. have jammed
  2. have jammed
  3. has jammed
  4. have jammed
  5. have jammed
  6. have jammed
past continuous
  1. was jamming
  2. were jamming
  3. was jamming
  4. were jamming
  5. were jamming
  6. were jamming
  1. shall jam
  2. will jam
  3. will jam
  4. shall jam
  5. will jam
  6. will jam
continuous present
  1. am jamming
  2. are jamming
  3. is jamming
  4. are jamming
  5. are jamming
  6. are jamming
  1. be jammed
  2. be jammed
  3. be jammed
  4. be jammed
  5. be jammed
  6. be jammed
  1. jam!
  2. let's jam!
  3. jammed
  4. jamming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for jam:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
jam jam; marmelade; preserve
marmelade jam; marmalade
opstopping blockage; congestion; constipation; jam; stoppage buildup of traffic; tailback; traffic block; traffic jam
opstuwing congestion; jam; stagnation
stagnatie congestion; hold-up; jam; stagnation; stoppage stagnancy; stagnation; standstill
stuwing congestion; hold-up; jam; stagnation; stoppage
vastlopen breaking down; coming to a standstill; congelation; failing; obstruction; reaching a deadlock; stoppage
verstopping blockage; congestion; constipation; jam; stoppage constipation
vruchtengelei jam; marmalade
- crush; electronic jamming; fix; hole; jamming; kettle of fish; mess; muddle; pickle; press
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blokkeren block; jam; obstruct block
klem komen becoming stuck; get stuck; jam; run aground
klemzetten jam; stalemate
stremmen block; jam; obstruct coagulate; set; solidify
vastlopen becoming stuck; get stuck; jam; run aground crash; falter; stagnate; stay put; stick; stop; waver
- bind; block; chock up; close up; cram; crush; impede; jampack; mob; obstruct; obturate; occlude; pack; pile; ram; seize; throng; wad

Related Words for "jam":

  • jams

Synonyms for "jam":

Antonyms for "jam":

Related Definitions for "jam":

  1. deliberate radiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy for the purpose of disrupting enemy use of electronic devices or systems1
  2. preserve of crushed fruit1
  3. a dense crowd of people1
  4. informal terms for a difficult situation1
  5. interfere with or prevent the reception of signals1
  6. block passage through1
  7. crush or bruise1
    • jam a toe1
  8. crowd or pack to capacity1
  9. get stuck and immobilized1
    • the mechanism jammed1
  10. push down forcibly1
    • The driver jammed the brake pedal to the floor1
  11. press tightly together or cram1

Wiktionary Translations for jam:

  1. blockage, congestion
  2. sweet mixture of fruit boiled with sugar
  1. een gelei van suiker en gekookt fruit, onder andere gebruikt als broodbeleg
  2. voeding|nld fijngehakte of fijngekookte groente of vruchten

Cross Translation:
jam jam; marmelade Marmelade — mit Zucker eingekochtes Fruchtmark beziehungsweise eingekochte reife Früchte oder Beeren, die als Brotaufstrich verwendet werden
jam marmelade; jam; gekonfijte vruchten; inmaak confiture — Mélange de sucre et de fruits

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