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  1. line up:


Detailed Translations for line up from English to Dutch

line up:

to line up verb (lines up, lined up, lining up)

  1. to line up (align)
    uitbalanceren; richten; uitlijnen
    • uitbalanceren verb (balanceer uit, balanceert uit, balanceerde uit, balanceerden uit, uitgebalanceerd)
    • richten verb (richt, richtte, richtten, gericht)
    • uitlijnen verb (lijn uit, lijnt uit, lijnde uit, lijnden uit, uitgelijnd)
  2. to line up (fall in; enter; step off)
    toetreden; aantreden
    • toetreden verb (treed toe, treedt toe, trad toe, traden toe, toegetreden)
    • aantreden verb (treed aan, treedt aan, trad aan, traden aan, aangetreden)

Conjugations for line up:

  1. line up
  2. line up
  3. lines up
  4. line up
  5. line up
  6. line up
simple past
  1. lined up
  2. lined up
  3. lined up
  4. lined up
  5. lined up
  6. lined up
present perfect
  1. have lined up
  2. have lined up
  3. has lined up
  4. have lined up
  5. have lined up
  6. have lined up
past continuous
  1. was lining up
  2. were lining up
  3. was lining up
  4. were lining up
  5. were lining up
  6. were lining up
  1. shall line up
  2. will line up
  3. will line up
  4. shall line up
  5. will line up
  6. will line up
continuous present
  1. am lining up
  2. are lining up
  3. is lining up
  4. are lining up
  5. are lining up
  6. are lining up
  1. be lined up
  2. be lined up
  3. be lined up
  4. be lined up
  5. be lined up
  6. be lined up
  1. line up!
  2. let's line up!
  3. lined up
  4. lining up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for line up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aantreden enter; fall in; line up; step off
richten align; line up aim
toetreden enter; fall in; line up; step off
uitbalanceren align; line up balance
uitlijnen align; line up align; snap
- adjust; align; aline; come up; dress; find; get hold; queue; queue up

Synonyms for "line up":

Antonyms for "line up":

Related Definitions for "line up":

  1. place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight1
  2. take one's position before a kick-off1
  3. arrange in ranks1
  4. form a queue, form a line, stand in line1
  5. get something or somebody for a specific purpose1
  6. form a line1
    • The buildings all line up neatly1

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