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  1. live up to:
  2. User Contributed Translations for live up to:
    • voldoen aan


Detailed Translations for live up to from English to Dutch

live up to:

to live up to verb (lives up to, lived up to, living up to)

  1. to live up to (comply with)
    • naleven verb (leef na, leeft na, leefde na, leefden na, nageleefd)

Conjugations for live up to:

  1. live up to
  2. live up to
  3. lives up to
  4. live up to
  5. live up to
  6. live up to
simple past
  1. lived up to
  2. lived up to
  3. lived up to
  4. lived up to
  5. lived up to
  6. lived up to
present perfect
  1. have lived up to
  2. have lived up to
  3. has lived up to
  4. have lived up to
  5. have lived up to
  6. have lived up to
past continuous
  1. was living up to
  2. were living up to
  3. was living up to
  4. were living up to
  5. were living up to
  6. were living up to
  1. shall live up to
  2. will live up to
  3. will live up to
  4. shall live up to
  5. will live up to
  6. will live up to
continuous present
  1. am living up to
  2. are living up to
  3. is living up to
  4. are living up to
  5. are living up to
  6. are living up to
  1. be lived up to
  2. be lived up to
  3. be lived up to
  4. be lived up to
  5. be lived up to
  6. be lived up to
  1. live up to!
  2. let's live up to!
  3. lived up to
  4. living up to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for live up to:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
naleven comply with; live up to
- fulfil; fulfill; satisfy

Synonyms for "live up to":

Antonyms for "live up to":

  • fall short of

Related Definitions for "live up to":

  1. meet the requirements or expectations of1

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