Detailed Translations for make-up from English to Dutch


make-up [the ~] noun

  1. the make-up (cosmetics; embellishment; greasepaint; grease-paint)
    de opmaak; de make-up; de schmink; de cosmetica; visagie; de grime
  2. the make-up (cosmetics)
    de schoonheidsmiddelen; de opmaak; de schmink; de cosmetica; kosmetische middelen; de make-up
  3. the make-up
    de make-up; de schmink; de grime

to make-up verb (makes-up, made-up, making-up)

  1. to make-up
    opmaken; make-up opdoen
    • opmaken verb (maak op, maakt op, maakte op, maakten op, opgemaakt)
    • make-up opdoen verb (doe make-up op, doet make-up op, deed make-up op, deden make-up op, make-up opgedaan)

Conjugations for make-up:

  1. make-up
  2. make-up
  3. makes-up
  4. make-up
  5. make-up
  6. make-up
simple past
  1. made-up
  2. made-up
  3. made-up
  4. made-up
  5. made-up
  6. made-up
present perfect
  1. have made-up
  2. have made-up
  3. has made-up
  4. have made-up
  5. have made-up
  6. have made-up
past continuous
  1. was making-up
  2. were making-up
  3. was making-up
  4. were making-up
  5. were making-up
  6. were making-up
  1. shall make-up
  2. will make-up
  3. will make-up
  4. shall make-up
  5. will make-up
  6. will make-up
continuous present
  1. am making-up
  2. are making-up
  3. is making-up
  4. are making-up
  5. are making-up
  6. are making-up
  1. be made-up
  2. be made-up
  3. be made-up
  4. be made-up
  5. be made-up
  6. be made-up
  1. make-up!
  2. let's make-up!
  3. made-up
  4. making-up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for make-up:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cosmetica cosmetics; embellishment; grease-paint; greasepaint; make-up cosmetics; cosmetics industry
grime cosmetics; embellishment; grease-paint; greasepaint; make-up
kosmetische middelen cosmetics; make-up
make-up cosmetics; embellishment; grease-paint; greasepaint; make-up
opmaak cosmetics; embellishment; grease-paint; greasepaint; make-up format
opmaken draft; draw up; edit; formulate
schmink cosmetics; embellishment; grease-paint; greasepaint; make-up
schoonheidsmiddelen cosmetics; make-up
visagie cosmetics; embellishment; grease-paint; greasepaint; make-up
- composition; constitution; makeup; physical composition; war paint
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
make-up opdoen make-up
opmaken make-up adorn; burn up; consume; decorate; dress; dunnage; finish; garnish; get started; make a start; make up; ornament; put on make-up; spend; squander; trim; use; use up

Synonyms for "make-up":

Related Definitions for "make-up":

  1. cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance1
  2. the way in which someone or something is composed1
  3. an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event1

Wiktionary Translations for make-up:

Cross Translation:
make-up blanketsel; make-up; schmink fard — cosmétologie|fr enduit qu’on appliquer sur la peau ou une partie du visage pour la colorer ou pour la protéger.
make-up blanketsel; make-up; schmink maquillageaction de maquiller ou résultat de cette action.

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