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Detailed Translations for maul from English to Dutch


to maul verb (mauls, mauled, mauling)

  1. to maul (hurt; injure; offend; insult)
    pijn doen; verwonden; zeer doen; pijn bezorgen
    • pijn doen verb (doe pijn, doet pijn, deed pijn, deden pijn, pijn gedaan)
    • verwonden verb (verwond, verwondt, verwondde, verwondden, verwond)
    • zeer doen verb (doe zeer, doet zeer, deed zeer, deden zeer, zeer gedaan)
  2. to maul (beat up; knock about; damage; injure)
    in elkaar slaan; toetakelen

Conjugations for maul:

  1. maul
  2. maul
  3. mauls
  4. maul
  5. maul
  6. maul
simple past
  1. mauled
  2. mauled
  3. mauled
  4. mauled
  5. mauled
  6. mauled
present perfect
  1. have mauled
  2. have mauled
  3. has mauled
  4. have mauled
  5. have mauled
  6. have mauled
past continuous
  1. was mauling
  2. were mauling
  3. was mauling
  4. were mauling
  5. were mauling
  6. were mauling
  1. shall maul
  2. will maul
  3. will maul
  4. shall maul
  5. will maul
  6. will maul
continuous present
  1. am mauling
  2. are mauling
  3. is mauling
  4. are mauling
  5. are mauling
  6. are mauling
  1. be mauled
  2. be mauled
  3. be mauled
  4. be mauled
  5. be mauled
  6. be mauled
  1. maul!
  2. let's maul!
  3. mauled
  4. mauling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for maul:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pijn doen hurting
zeer doen hurting
- sledge; sledgehammer
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
in elkaar slaan beat up; damage; injure; knock about; maul
pijn bezorgen hurt; injure; insult; maul; offend hurt; injure
pijn doen hurt; injure; insult; maul; offend aggrieve; hurt; hurt someone's feelings; injure; offend
toetakelen beat up; damage; injure; knock about; maul beat up; castigate; drub; flog; lash; rack; trounce; whack; whip
verwonden hurt; injure; insult; maul; offend bruise; hurt; injure; wound
zeer doen hurt; injure; insult; maul; offend aggrieve; hurt; hurt someone's feelings; injure; offend
- mangle

Related Words for "maul":

  • mauling

Synonyms for "maul":

Related Definitions for "maul":

  1. a heavy long-handled hammer used to drive stakes or wedges1
  2. injure badly by beating1
  3. split (wood) with a maul and wedges1

Wiktionary Translations for maul:

  1. heavy, long-handled hammer
  1. savage
  1. iemand zo mishandelen dat hij of zij zichtbaar lichamelijk letsel heeft

Cross Translation:
maul kwetsen; wonden; verwonden blesserfrapper d’un coup qui fait une contusion, une plaie, une fracture.