Detailed Translations for neglect from English to Dutch


to neglect verb (neglects, neglected, neglecting)

  1. to neglect
    verwaarlozen; versloffen
    • verwaarlozen verb (verwaarloos, verwaarloost, verwaarloosde, verwaarloosden, verwaarloosd)
    • versloffen verb (verslof, versloft, verslofte, versloften, versloft)
  2. to neglect
    verzuimen; verzaken
    • verzuimen verb (verzuim, verzuimt, verzuimde, verzuimden, verzuimd)
    • verzaken verb (verzaak, verzaakt, verzaakte, verzaakten, verzaakt)
  3. to neglect (disregard; omit; ignore)
    veronachtzamen; nalaten
    • veronachtzamen verb (veronachtzaam, veronachtzaamt, veronachtzaamde, veronachtzaamden, veronachtzaamd)
    • nalaten verb (laat na, liet na, lieten na, nagelaten)
  4. to neglect (be slovenly; spoil)
    verloederen; verslonzen
    • verloederen verb (verloeder, verloedert, verloederde, verloederden, verloederd)
    • verslonzen verb (verslons, verslonst, verslonsde, verslonsden, verslonsd)

Conjugations for neglect:

  1. neglect
  2. neglect
  3. neglects
  4. neglect
  5. neglect
  6. neglect
simple past
  1. neglected
  2. neglected
  3. neglected
  4. neglected
  5. neglected
  6. neglected
present perfect
  1. have neglected
  2. have neglected
  3. has neglected
  4. have neglected
  5. have neglected
  6. have neglected
past continuous
  1. was neglecting
  2. were neglecting
  3. was neglecting
  4. were neglecting
  5. were neglecting
  6. were neglecting
  1. shall neglect
  2. will neglect
  3. will neglect
  4. shall neglect
  5. will neglect
  6. will neglect
continuous present
  1. am neglecting
  2. are neglecting
  3. is neglecting
  4. are neglecting
  5. are neglecting
  6. are neglecting
  1. be neglected
  2. be neglected
  3. be neglected
  4. be neglected
  5. be neglected
  6. be neglected
  1. neglect!
  2. let's neglect!
  3. neglected
  4. neglecting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

neglect [the ~] noun

  1. the neglect (omission; oversight)
    de nalatigheid; de verzaking; het verzuim
  2. the neglect (dereliction; forsaking; revoke)
    de veronachtzaming; de verwaarlozing
  3. the neglect (omission; elision; declaration; )
    de omissie; de weglating
  4. the neglect (nonchalance; negligence; carelessness)
    de achteloosheid; de nonchalance

Translation Matrix for neglect:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
achteloosheid carelessness; neglect; negligence; nonchalance
nalatigheid neglect; omission; oversight
nonchalance carelessness; neglect; negligence; nonchalance
omissie declaration; deletion; elision; ellipsis; neglect; non-attendance; omission; oversight
veronachtzaming dereliction; forsaking; neglect; revoke
verwaarlozing dereliction; forsaking; neglect; revoke
verzaking neglect; omission; oversight
verzuim neglect; omission; oversight absence
weglating declaration; deletion; elision; ellipsis; neglect; non-attendance; omission; oversight
- carelessness; disregard; disuse; neglectfulness; negligence; nonperformance
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
nalaten disregard; ignore; neglect; omit bequeath; devise; dispose of by will; dump; leave behind
verloederen be slovenly; neglect; spoil
veronachtzamen disregard; ignore; neglect; omit
versloffen neglect
verslonzen be slovenly; neglect; spoil
verwaarlozen neglect ignore
verzaken neglect deny; disavow; renounce; repudiate
verzuimen neglect be absent; be lacking; be missing; lack
- disregard; drop; fail; ignore; leave out; miss; omit; overleap; overlook; pretermit
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- be careless about; be neglectful of; carelessness; disregard; fail; mismanage; mismanagement; negligence; omit; pay no attention to

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Related Definitions for "neglect":

  1. willful lack of care and attention1
  2. failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances1
  3. the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern1
  4. lack of attention and due care1
  5. the state of something that has been unused and neglected1
    • the house was in a terrible state of neglect1
  6. leave undone or leave out1
  7. fail to attend to1
    • he neglects his children1
  8. give little or no attention to1
  9. fail to do something; leave something undone1

Wiktionary Translations for neglect:

  1. habitual lack of care
  2. state of being neglected
  3. act of neglecting
  1. failure due to carelessness
  2. fail to care for
  3. disregard
  1. iets niet doen, dat men had zullen of moeten doen
  2. iets niet de benodigde verzorging schenken

Cross Translation:
neglect achteloos voorbijgaan aan; geen aandacht schenken aan; achterstellen; verwaarlozen; verzaken; een hekel hebben aan; minachten; versmaden; inbreuk maken op; verachten dédaignerconsidérer avec dédain.
neglect achteloos voorbijgaan aan; geen aandacht schenken aan; achterstellen; verwaarlozen; verzaken négliger — Ne pas prendre soin d’une chose dont on devoir s’occuper.

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