Detailed Translations for nursery from English to Dutch


nursery [the ~] noun

  1. the nursery (seed-bed)
    de kwekerij; de kweekplaats
  2. the nursery (playroom)
    de kinderkamer; de speelruimte; de speelkamer
  3. the nursery (crèche; day care center; day nursery)
    de kinderopvang
  4. the nursery (training college)
    de kweekschool
  5. the nursery (breeding place; hotbed)
    de broedplaats

Translation Matrix for nursery:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
broedplaats breeding place; hotbed; nursery
kinderkamer nursery; playroom
kinderopvang crèche; day care center; day nursery; nursery
kweekplaats nursery; seed-bed
kweekschool nursery; training college
kwekerij nursery; seed-bed horticultural industry; horticulture; market garden; market gardening; nursery garden
speelkamer nursery; playroom
speelruimte nursery; playroom leeway; margin; play
- baby's room; glasshouse; greenhouse

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Related Definitions for "nursery":

  1. a building with glass walls and roof; for the cultivation and exhibition of plants under controlled conditions1
  2. a child's room for a baby1

Wiktionary Translations for nursery:

  1. A place where nursing is carried out
  2. The act of nursing

Cross Translation:
nursery kinderkamer KinderzimmerZimmer (eines Haushaltes), das für das Kind beziehungsweise die Kinder vorgesehen ist (in denen die Kinder schlafen et cetera)
nursery crèche crèche — Établissement pour les très jeunes enfants

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