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Detailed Translations for octave from English to Dutch


octave [the ~] noun

  1. the octave (musical scale; scale)
    de toonschaal; de toonladder; de ladder; de gamma; de octaaf

Translation Matrix for octave:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gamma musical scale; octave; scale chromatic spectrum; colour scale; gamma; gamut; range of colouring; scale; spectrum
ladder musical scale; octave; scale gamut; ladder; run; scale; spectrum; stepladder
octaaf musical scale; octave; scale
toonladder musical scale; octave; scale gamut; scale; spectrum
toonschaal musical scale; octave; scale gamut; scale; spectrum
- musical octave

Related Words for "octave":

  • octaves

Synonyms for "octave":

Related Definitions for "octave":

  1. a rhythmic group of eight lines of verse1
  2. a musical interval of eight tones1
  3. a feast day and the seven days following it1

Wiktionary Translations for octave:

  1. interval
  2. eight day period beginning on a feast day

Cross Translation:
octave octonion OktaveMathematik: Achtdimensionale Zahl
octave octonion OktaveMathematik (nur im Plural): Menge der Oktaven (achtdimensionalen Zahlen)