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    • herrineren


Detailed Translations for remember from English to Dutch


to remember verb (remembers, remembered, remembering)

  1. to remember (remind one of; make one think of)
    herinneren; doen denken aan
  2. to remember
    onthouden; memoriseren
  3. to remember
    bedenken; te binnen schieten; te binnen vallen
    • bedenken verb (bedenk, bedenkt, bedacht, bedachten, bedacht)
    • te binnen schieten verb (schiet te binnen, schoot te binnen, schoten te binnen, te binnen geschoten)
    • te binnen vallen verb (val te binnen, valt te binnen, viel te binnen, vielen te binnen, te binnen gevallen)
  4. to remember (record)
    onthouden; opnemen; opslaan
    • onthouden verb (onthoud, onthoudt, onthield, onthielden, onthouden)
    • opnemen verb (neem op, neemt op, nam op, namen op, opgenomen)
    • opslaan verb (sla op, slaat op, sloeg op, sloegen op, opgeslagen)
  5. to remember (recall to memory; remind; dun)
    herinneren; in herinnering brengen; memoreren
    • herinneren verb (herinner, herinnert, herinnerde, herinnerden, herinnerd)
    • in herinnering brengen verb (breng in herinnering, brengt in herinnering, bracht in herinnering, brachten in herinnering, in herinnering gebracht)
    • memoreren verb (memoreer, memoreert, memoreerde, memoreerden, gememoreerd)
  6. to remember (don't forget; remind)
    herinneren; onthouden; niet vergeten
    • herinneren verb (herinner, herinnert, herinnerde, herinnerden, herinnerd)
    • onthouden verb (onthoud, onthoudt, onthield, onthielden, onthouden)

Conjugations for remember:

  1. remember
  2. remember
  3. remembers
  4. remember
  5. remember
  6. remember
simple past
  1. remembered
  2. remembered
  3. remembered
  4. remembered
  5. remembered
  6. remembered
present perfect
  1. have remembered
  2. have remembered
  3. has remembered
  4. have remembered
  5. have remembered
  6. have remembered
past continuous
  1. was remembering
  2. were remembering
  3. was remembering
  4. were remembering
  5. were remembering
  6. were remembering
  1. shall remember
  2. will remember
  3. will remember
  4. shall remember
  5. will remember
  6. will remember
continuous present
  1. am remembering
  2. are remembering
  3. is remembering
  4. are remembering
  5. are remembering
  6. are remembering
  1. be remembered
  2. be remembered
  3. be remembered
  4. be remembered
  5. be remembered
  6. be remembered
  1. remember!
  2. let's remember!
  3. remembered
  4. remembering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for remember:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
onthouden abstention; abstination; abstinence; fast
opnemen absorbing; absorption; recording; taping
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bedenken remember contemplate; contrive; devise; invent; lay schemes; make plans; make up; meditate on; muse on; plan; plot; ponder on; reflect on
doen denken aan make one think of; remember; remind one of
herinneren don't forget; dun; make one think of; recall to memory; remember; remind; remind one of
in herinnering brengen dun; recall to memory; remember; remind
memoreren dun; recall to memory; remember; remind
memoriseren remember
niet vergeten don't forget; remember; remind
onthouden don't forget; record; remember; remind abstain
opnemen record; remember absorb; admit; capture; lap up; pick up; record; sip up; take in; take up
opslaan record; remember archivate; document; file; lay up; organise; organize; put up; save; secure; stock; store
te binnen schieten remember
te binnen vallen remember
- call back; call up; commemorate; commend; recall; recollect; retrieve; think; think back; think of

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Related Definitions for "remember":

  1. recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection1
    • I can't remember saying any such thing1
    • can you remember her phone number?1
    • Do you remember that he once loved you?1
  2. keep in mind for attention or consideration1
  3. recapture the past; indulge in memories1
    • he remembered how he used to pick flowers1
  4. call to remembrance; keep alive the memory of someone or something, as in a ceremony1
    • We remembered the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz1
  5. exercise, or have the power of, memory1
    • After the shelling, many people lost the ability to remember1
    • some remember better than others1
  6. mention as by way of greeting or to indicate friendship1
  7. mention favorably, as in prayer1
    • remember me in your prayers1
  8. show appreciation to1
    • He remembered her in his will1

Wiktionary Translations for remember:

  1. to recall from one's memory
  2. to memorize
  1. iets schenken aan
  2. uit het geheugen opdiepen
  3. in het geheugen bewaren

Cross Translation:
remember herinneren erinnern — (reflexiv) mit Präpositionalobjekt: im Gedächtnis behalten haben
remember herinneren erinnern — (reflexiv) mit Genitivobjekt: Erinnerung wachrufen
remember onthouden merken — (reflexiv) etwas im Gedächtnis speichern