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Detailed Translations for sensual from English to Dutch


Translation Matrix for sensual:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pikant erotic; erotical; sensual; titillating appetising; appetizing; daring; exciting; peppered; peppery; piquant; seasoned; sexy; spiced; spicy
sensueel sense; senses stimulating; sensory; sensual
wulps sense; senses stimulating; sensory; sensual
zinlijk sense; senses stimulating; sensory; sensual
zinnelijk lascivious; sensual
zinnenprikkelend erotic; erotical; sensual; titillating
- animal; carnal; fleshly; sultry

Related Words for "sensual":

  • sensually

Synonyms for "sensual":

Related Definitions for "sensual":

  1. sexually exciting or gratifying1
    • sensual excesses1
  2. marked by the appetites and passions of the body1
    • a sensual delight in eating1
    • music is the only sensual pleasure without vice1

Wiktionary Translations for sensual:

  1. gesteld op zinnelijk genot