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Detailed Translations for side from English to Dutch


side [the ~] noun

  1. the side
    de zijde; de kant; de zij
  2. the side (flank; wing)
    de zijde; de zijkant; de flank
  3. the side (flank; wing)
    de flank; zijde van een schip
  4. the side (ridge; edge)
    de richel; de rand
  5. the side (team; eleven)
    het elftal; de elf

Translation Matrix for side:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
elf eleven; side; team brownie; elf; gremlin; hob; imp; pixie; pixy
elftal eleven; side; team football team; soccer team
flank flank; side; wing
kant side edge; lace; lace cloth; lace-making; lacework
rand edge; ridge; side border; cornice; edge; frame; frame work; framing; molding; moulding; mounting; panel; rim; seam
richel edge; ridge; side
zij side silk
zijde flank; side; wing silk
zijde van een schip flank; side; wing
zijkant flank; side; wing edge
- English; face; incline; position; side of meat; slope
PronounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
zij she
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
zij them; they
- party
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
elf eleven

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Related Definitions for "side":

  1. located on a side1
    • side fences1
    • the side porch1
  2. an extended outer surface of an object1
    • he turned the box over to examine the bottom side1
    • they painted all four sides of the house1
  3. either the left or right half of a body1
    • he had a pain in his side1
  4. an aspect of something (as contrasted with some other implied aspect)1
    • he was on the heavy side1
    • he is on the purchasing side of the business1
    • it brought out his better side1
  5. an opinion that is held in opposition to another in an argument or dispute1
    • there are two sides to every question1
  6. (sports) the spin given to a ball by striking it on one side or releasing it with a sharp twist1
  7. a lengthwise dressed half of an animal's carcass used for food1
  8. a family line of descent1
    • he gets his brains from his father's side1
  9. one of two or more contesting groups1
    • the Confederate side was prepared to attack1
  10. a surface forming part of the outside of an object1
    • he examined all sides of the crystal1
  11. a line segment forming part of the perimeter of a plane figure1
    • the hypotenuse of a right triangle is always the longest side1
  12. a place within a region identified relative to a center or reference location1
    • they always sat on the right side of the church1
    • he never left my side1
  13. an elevated geological formation1
    • the house was built on the side of a mountain1
  14. take sides for or against1

Wiktionary Translations for side:

  1. bounding straight edge of an object
  2. flat surface of an object
  3. left or right half
  4. surface of a sheet of paper
  5. region in a specified position with respect to something
  6. one possible aspect of a concept
  7. set of opponents in a game
  1. zijkant van een samenhangend geheel
  2. zijde
  3. één van beide kanten van een lichaam
  4. kant
  5. datgene dat de zijde vormt

Cross Translation:
side kant; zijde Seite — seitlicher (rechts oder links von der Mitte gelegener) Teil einer Sache
side zijde; kant Seite — in einer bestimmten Richtung liegende Begrenzungsfläche
side zijde Seite — eine von zwei oder mehreren Parteien
side zijde Seite — linkes bzw. rechtes Glied einer Gleichung oder Bilanz
side zijde Seite — seitlicher (rechter oder linker) Außenbereich des Körpers
side zijde; flank; zij; kant; zijkant côtérégion des côtes, depuis l’aisselle jusqu’à la hanche.
side flank; zij; kant; zijde; zijkant flancchacune des parties latérales du corps de l’homme ou des animaux, qui est depuis le défaut des côtes jusqu’aux hanches.

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