Detailed Translations for sight from English to Dutch


sight [the ~] noun

  1. the sight (view; panorama)
    het uitzicht; het prospect; de zicht; het gezicht; de kijk; vue; het panorama; het vergezicht
  2. the sight (backsight)
    de vizier
  3. the sight (countenance; face; pinnule)
    het gezicht; het aangezicht; het gelaat
  4. the sight (view; look; vision)
    het aanzicht; de aanblik
  5. the sight (appearance)
    de aanblik

Translation Matrix for sight:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanblik appearance; look; sight; view; vision
aangezicht countenance; face; pinnule; sight appearance; exterior; face; front; front side; look; looks
aanzicht look; sight; view; vision
gelaat countenance; face; pinnule; sight appearance; exterior; look; looks
gezicht countenance; face; panorama; pinnule; sight; view
kijk panorama; sight; view idea; insight; notion; vision
panorama panorama; sight; view panorama; panoramic photo; view; vista
prospect panorama; sight; view prospect
uitzicht panorama; sight; view
vergezicht panorama; sight; view panorama; view; vista
vizier backsight; sight
vue panorama; sight; view
zicht panorama; sight; view
- ken; survey; view; vision; visual modality; visual sense
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- spy
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- eyesight; faculty of eyesight; faculty of vision; run; sieve; tourist attraction; view; visibility; vision

Related Words for "sight":

  • sights, sightly

Synonyms for "sight":

Related Definitions for "sight":

  1. the act of looking or seeing or observing1
  2. the range of vision1
    • out of sight of land1
  3. the ability to see; the visual faculty1
  4. an instance of visual perception1
    • the sight of his wife brought him back to reality1
    • the train was an unexpected sight1
  5. a range of mental vision1
    • in his sight she could do no wrong1
  6. anything that is seen1
    • he was a familiar sight on the television1
    • they went to Paris to see the sights1
  7. catch sight of; to perceive with the eyes1
    • he caught sight of the king's men coming over the ridge1
  8. take aim by looking through the sights of a gun (or other device)1

Wiktionary Translations for sight:

  1. ability to see
  2. something seen
  3. something worth seeing
  4. device used in aiming a firearm
  1. het verschijnen
  2. gezichtsvermogen

Cross Translation:
sight snelheid; tempo; vaart; aanblik; aanzien; air; verschijning; schijn; uiterlijk; voorkomen; zeilstand allurefaçon d’aller, de marcher.
sight merken; bemerken; opmerken; bespeuren; in de smiezen krijgen; in het oog krijgen; ontwaren apercevoir — Remarquer une chose qui avait échappé d’abord.
sight testbeeld miresorte de bouton placer vers l’extrémité d’une arme à feu, d'un jalon, etc., et qui servir à mirer.

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